Boys II Men, and TLC comeback BETTER than Ever… at the Hollywood ⭐️Bowl!

The Harmony! from those fine fellas from Philly!

The Sophisticated Groovy Sound… of those beautiful, trend setting Sista’s #CrazySexyCool….

Oh yeah, Oh Yeah!!! the party 🎊 scene back then was always poppin’ to their beats…Those were the days!!!

From “The End of the Road” to “Waterfalls,”

Catch their latest concert tour… and take a trip back down memory lane…

Boy did I enjoy this musical journey!

I sat with an enthusiastic bunch, and we had a ball….Singing and swaying…. to good ole’ music!

Some of the greatest songs in R&B history filled the Hollywood Bowl…when Boyz II Men and TLC teamed up for lively performances…for a sold out crowd..

The audience enthusiastically sang every song out loud… word. For. word! Oh what Fun !!!! And you know… I was singing 🎤 🎼 🎶 right along with the crowd…

“Baby, Ba-by, Babyyyyy !!!!!

TLC singing a #1 Hit!

TLC is responsible for some of the biggest songs ever!

As a trio, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas recorded popular hits…singing about female empowerment, safe sex, the AIDS epidemic, and the dangers of associating with “scrubs….”

In case you forgot…the definition of a “SCRUB”… to this very day… is STILL … a no good dude…with no ambition, no money… riding on the passenger side… of his best friends ride… trying to holla at women above his current status…

🫡 #GotIt ⁉️

#Good ‼️😆

“Singing: “I don’t want no scrubs… a scrub is a brother who can’t get NO LOVE from me!!!!!” 👎🏾👎🏼👎👎🏽

The blend of funk, hip-hop, and soul TLC developed on their breakthrough album, CrazySexyCool, had Rolling Stone calling it “a certified classic,”

The biggest hits were songs including“Creep,” “Red Light Special,” and “Waterfalls.”

Following the death of Left Eye in 2002, the group went on hiatus, but T-Boz and Chilli return to bring their songs back to the stage.

Some 30 years later… TLC is STILL looking GOOD , and sounding GREAT‼️😍‼️

…. It’s Like they’ve never missed a beat‼️

Chilli & T-Boz TLC 2022!

Moving on to the MEN of the moment….

The best-selling R&B group of all time, Boyz II Men created a legendary sound of the 1990s. They were, and still are…the pride of Philadelphia!

These guys burst on the scene …with the street corner harmonies… and hyped-up beats of the musical movement known as “New Jack Swing,”

#NotTooFast 🎶 🎵 #NotTooSlow 🎶

Boys ll Men

The sophistication and sincerity of signature songs like “The End of the Road,” “I’ll Make Love to You,” and “One Sweet Day” made them modern-day heirs to the Motown legacy, which they repaid on their album Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville USA.

Boys II Men performed their classic hits with Thomas Wilkins, and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

The popular trio demonstrated true showmanship… adding a polished classical sound, to their iconic hit tunes…

The boys from Philly… have transitioned beautifully into impressive men indeed…

Talented Artists…

with a long lasting career, and millions of devoted fansin LA, and ALL ACROSS THE GLOBE! 🌍

It was a wonderful night! 🌙

-Evette Dabney, Owner, Founder, Creative Director of Sparkle ✨E✨Entertainment & Promotions 💎

Evette Dabney is an Emmy nominated TV news talent, SAG-AFTRA actor, writer / blogger, media consultant, and marketing influencer, living in Los Angeles, California.

Evette Dabney has worked on-air in television news and radio in several markets across the country… including South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kansas and California. 

Evette is a graduate of Clark- Atlanta University, and longtime member of National Association of Black Journalists, Association of Black Journalists of Southern California, Women in Film, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and Links Inc.

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The Spirited ✨Socialite is on the move! #Wow! 

There she goes again! 👠

✨She leaves a little sparkle…. everywhere she goes..💃🏽✨✨✨✨

Oh What a Night! 🌙 Oscars 2022

The 94th Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, was held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on March 27, 2022.

The biggest night in Hollywood ⭐️ honors the best films released between March 1 and December 31, 2021,

The live telecast on ABC was hosted by Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes.

What a dynamic team of women!

They were so much fun to watch! #GoodJob Ladies! 🙌🏽✨

There were hilarious bits throughout the show… that made me LOL ( laugh out loud) quite a few times!

Another thing I LOVED ♥️ about this year’s Academy Awards show was the #DiversityAndInclusion factor!

Kudos to Will Packer and his all Black production team for leadership in Oscars 2022, and setting a positive tone for an exceptional show.

EVERYONE from every walk of life could honestly say they could see someone representing them! I could tell that a lot of thought… and careful consideration went into every second of the show…It was truly a phenomenal tribute to the movies!

Well done Packer Team! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

I hope Packer… and his team will be invited back to handle the show AGAIN…And ALL 3 Hosts too!!!🙌🏽✨

Everything just flowed……..

It was quite the night! 🌙 I laughed…. Until I cried…..


I’m still reflecting on the most SHOCKING moment of the night… I kinda wanted to just get underneath my covers and forget about it…. But then: my mind started racing……

wait a minute or should I say #wayment :

👉🏽 Did what I just witness on live television for real⁉️

Another sigh…….

In case you were hiding under a rock… or just glanced away… here’s what happened:

Chris Rock made an unflattering joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith…and Will Smith walked onto the stage and sucka punched Chris Rock in the face, then shouted obscenities at him from his seat. #CheckItOut 👇🏾


Sooooo…. After I kept trying to figure out if this was real or not…..

#Twitter lit up‼️🔥‼️

Ohhhh Boy !!!! This was REAL‼️

I’m thinking 💭 but… but… It’s NOT supposed to be this way….. I was so sure that this would be Will’s Big Night as an Oscar Winner…. and not tarnished by anger….

Sigh…… I wasn’t laughing anymore…

And then it happened:

WILL WON BEST ACTOR for #KingRichardMovie !!!!! The moment I had been waiting for…..

Then…. Will made his acceptance speech…. and that’s when I cried: #CheckItOut 👇🏾

Here’s Will Smith’s tearful acceptance speech at the #Oscars. 3/27/22, 8:28 PM

So now…… I’m thinking 🤔💭

Wow! Will I ever have a MAN who cares enough about me…to defend my honor in this way⁉️

Are comedians more likely to get physically attacked now…..when they make unsavory jokes about people on stage, or during a live telecast ⁉️

Will people think a LOT more carefully about what they do… or say to other people… after this ⁉️

🔴🔴 Side Bar : 🔴🔴

👉🏽 There are things that you say…. and things that you JUST Don’t SAY!

There’s a fine line of constantly making people the butt of jokes… but some things are extremely insensitive… There could be a backstory… that you don’t know about…. Histories between people can get escalated QUICKLY after a below the belt jab…

There have been questions, more talk… and shots taken about entaglements, affairs, infidelities, open marriage rumors… All of which is the couples personal business. -but- since they’ve been so open about sharing… people have been extremely upset about all of this making WILL look bad…

People wondered… Did he feel frustrated or humiliated by things said??? How is he just taking all this ??? The Streets start rumbling… well… what IS he going to do ???!!

It all seemed to just blow over… but it must have just been simmering…

There’s been TOO MUCH pressure on Will over these issues… for quite sometime.

You never know what a person may have experienced…… before they’re embarrassed by someone’s words or actions…..for the very LAST TIME…

👉🏽 It could be the last straw…

👉🏽 The breaking point —-> snap! 💥

👉🏽 That moment in time… when one has an out of body experience… and responds in a way they never intended… but will regret forever….

Always take a breath… take a minute before you respond to ANYTHING in anger… Don’t forget: ☝🏽 You can’t Unring a bell 🔔…

Will there be copy cat behaviors ⁉️

Things have been so TENSE‼️ Woooo ‼️ better yet: Wooo-sahhh ‼️

I think Covid… lengthy isolation periods from the shut down, and other stress factors associated with those things…have affected a LOT of peoples behavior. This pandemic packed onto personal issues… & other forms of trauma people were trying to handle. The number of mental health issues drastically increased… and unfortunately suicides as well…

Yes…. I’ve personally observed a lot of situations where people are on edge… and extremely quick to anger…

In this case: It appears that Will had reached his breaking point…. And just had enough…..

But Does that make it right ????? Did he have the right to react when… and how he did ??!!!

Trauma and Mental Health can be triggered anytime…anywhere…

A lot of dialogue is going to come out of this…. This situation made Oscar History… (Hollywood History.)

Unfortunately, this assault will always be tied to Will’s Oscar Win.

-Meanwhile- I’m glad Will included an apology in his speech…. and I do hope he’ll be invited back to shows… and stay booked and busy….using the great TALENT God has given him. Good therapy sessions, or talking with respectful and unbiased sources will also help!

I was so relieved to know that Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry, Bradley Cooper and a few others stopped by to check on Will. They comforted him…and offered sound advice/encouragement to help him collect himself, regain control of his mind, body and spirit.

Smith confirmed during his Best Actor speech that Washington told him, “At your highest moment, be careful — that’s when the devil comes for you.”

It’s so true….. that’s why we have to stay prayed up! 🙏🏽♥️ Ask God for Guidance, Protection, and help us hold our peace…. in difficult situations.

I also hope he & Chris Rock can talk it out…. and be okay……

Chris Rock kept his composure… though….after that shocking bitch slap…heard wayyyy up in the top balconies at the Dolby Theatre.

In minutes… news of this incident traveled around the W 🌎 RLD at warped speed 💨 !!!! People are STILL talking about it….and will be for a long time..

For the record… I’m still in shock… hurt…and really very sad about what happened. I still can’t believe it… I hope it can all be smoothed over…

Everyone makes mistakes… and one mistake should not redefine a person, ruin their lives..or disrupt their livelihood forever…. Especially a man who has been so open, gracious, kind and successful.

I can’t help but remember how… he made sure his King Richard cast mates were given raises… after it was brought to his attention that they weren’t making a lot of money…for being in the film.

Will Smith, and his wife Jada Pickett-Smith… have issued the following statements.. since the incident at the Oscars:

Chris Rock has not pressed charges against Will Smith…at the moment, with the LAPD stating, “The individual involved has declined to file a police report. If the involved party desires a police report at a later date, LAPD will be available to complete an investigative report.”

The Academy later announced that Will Smith was asked to leave after the incident… shortly after that revelation, Will Smith resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences after smacking Chris Rock at the Oscar’s. His resignation was accepted by the Academy.

Side note: Tickets 🎫 to Chris Rock Comedy Show tour have tripled in price… and venues have been selling out since all of this has happened.

Sales of Will Smith’s recent book… have also skyrocketed.

People want Chris Rock to be ok… after that assault. Chris Rock is a very popular comic… who has really made me laugh over the years. I have supported his movies/tv shows as well over the years. In fact, I still recall some skits he did on Saturday Night Live… and chuckle when I remember them..

While Chris Rock is still processing what happened, he has been quick to shut down hecklers at his comedy shows… who make negative remarks about Will Smith.

rocks brother, comedian Tony Rock made it known… that he is not feeling Will’s written apology. It appears that he, and most likely Chris, want to hear from WILL directly, and not throughout a tagged Instagram post.

The Academy said in a statement: “The Academy does not condone violence of any form. Tonight we are delighted to celebrate our 94th Academy Awards winners, who deserve this moment of recognition from their peers and movie lovers around the world.”

******* ***** UPDATE ***** *******

Will Smith has resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, (which hosts the Oscars.)

The Academy also banned Smith from attending ANY of his events for the next ten years.

Academy President David Rubin and CEO Dawn Hudson have apologized to Chris Rock in a letter, saying “We want to express our deep gratitude to Mr. Rock for maintaining his composure under extraordinary circumstances.”

That being said…. .

How about a big HOORAY for #Hollywood ⭐️ and a #salute to

2022 #OscarWinners 🎉🎉🎉🎉

……. And here are the WINNERS:

I’m always going to be a huge movie 🎥 fan…. No matter what!!!

It’s been a tough couple of years in the industry.


I can honestly say there are NO people like show people… WE smile 😃 when we are low….

I’m sending #goodvibesonly ✨ into #hollywood —-> we’re resilient ✅ sooooo… let’s GO ON WITH THE SHOW !!!!

~ Evette Dabney, Founder, Owner, and creative director of Sparkle ✨E✨ Entertainment & Promotions 💎

Evette Dabney is an Emmy nominated TV news talent, SAG-AFTRA actor, writer / blogger, media consultant, and marketing influencer, living in Los Angeles, California.

Evette has worked on-air in television news and radio in several markets across the country… including South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kansas and California.

Evette is a graduate of Clark- Atlanta University, and longtime member of National Association of Black Journalists, Association of Black Journalists of Southern California, Women in Film, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and Links Inc.

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There she goes again! 👠

King Richard 👑 Rules SUPREME ‼️

Breaking News!!!!!

Will Smith WINS #Oscar for #BestActor on March 27, 2022

& SAG-AWARD, on Sunday, February 27, 2022, for Best MALE ACTOR– For his role as Richard Williams… in KING RICHARD FILM !!!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Congrats Will !!!!!!

King Richard has earned six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress, Best Film Editing, Best Original Song.

Will Smith has just received his third and fourth Oscar nominations this morning, earning his place on the Best Actor list for his role in King Richard, and sharing in the film’s Best Picture nomination with Tim White and Trevor White.

Aunjanue Ellis scored a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her role as Oracene Price, mother of the Williams sisters, in the film.

Beyoncé, has earned her first Oscar nomination for Best Original Song for “Be Alive,” a song she wrote for the King Richard soundtrack.

the song was co-written with songwriter Dixson and plays during the end credits while featuring footage of the real Williams family.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet… .

Stop! 🛑 ✋🏽 and put it on your to do this right now! Your spirit will most definitely be grateful for being lifted!

This is a wonderful film! A positive reminder of what can be accomplished when you are DETERMINED!!!! 🙌🏽✨

Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green and written by Zach Baylin, and follows the life of Richard Williams, the father and coach of famed tennis players Venus and Serena Williams, who are also executive producers of the film.

Richard Williams had a vision. His golden “plan” for his daughters Venus and Serena… was carefully crafted before they were born.

Compton resident, Richard Williams planned, and believed with his whole heart… that his daughters would become HUGE tennis superstars.


There would be no deviations… from this goal. That was that…. KING RICHARD declared, and decreed this goal… and NOTHING or NO ONE was going to stop this plan.

The Williams Family is a tight bunch. their devoted and loving parents raise them to have confidence in themselves, and respect for others..

These girls KNOW who they are… and where they come from. They are unapologetically Black. proudly wearing cornrows, braids, and braids with beaded accents. A reflection of African Royalty… while they skillfully beat the competion in tennis matches left and right.

These young women were raised to be CHAMPIONS in every possibke way. They are trained to be alert, and quick on their feet. They’re smart! sharp! They think fast…. and are groomed into respectful girls with easy going personalities, and a WINNING SPIRIT!!!

I just can’t say enough positive things about the Williams Sisters when they were growing up… and even now.. i’m TRULY a BIG FAN! my heart is filled with so much pride for how much they have accomplished in their lives..

OK folks…. this is your FEEL GOOD MOVIE for the year. We all know how this SAGA ends….but you still root for these gifted athletes, and hold your breath… every time a challenge comes.….

I was deeply moved by this film… and yes… I shed tears watching.. Tears of relief… Tears of frustration… and big ole’ crocodile tears of JOY! 🙌🏽✨

Richard Williams definitely made waves in the tennis world.. for his unconventional approach to building his daughters careers. He took them off the junior circuit and refused to let them play ANY matches until they turned PRO.

King 👑 Richard ruled over his daughters tennis careera with an iron fist! he stood ready to challenge the coaches’ advice at every turn.

He took some risky chances, but everything ALWAYS worked out for the best!

The two young actresses portraying Venus and Serena nailed it!!!!! Do you hear me?!! they captured the essence and souls of the William Sisters… and WOW !!!! they even become super star tennis players in the process. You’ll be AMAZED watching them hit those balls!

In the movie, we watch a young Venus (Saniyya Sidney) and Serena (Demi Singleton) hitting balls on the Compton court late at night… and in the rain. A neighbor contacts social services about Richard’s firm grasp on his children, and for making them play in horrible weather conditions.

Richard Williams (portrayed by Will Smith), excelled in a performance that’s made him an early favorite for this year’s early favorite for Best male actor Oscar. Shout out to the dialect coach working with Will to transform his speech for the role…

Oracene “Brandy” Williams was superbly played by Aunjanue Ellis… I think she’ll receive Oscar, and other awards nominations as well…

I’d love to see the young girls playing Venus, and Serena be recognized as well…

They were so poised..speaking at a recent screening…

Back to the MOVIE!👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 🎥

Richard mentions in the film that they were both athletic… He tends to extremely outspoken. He’s like an old school my way, or the highway kind of dude…

Anyway, Williams is raising his two daughters, Venus and Serena…plus his three step-daughters in Compton.

His wife, Oracine, and mother of the family almost seems trapped in the supportive spouse role. She watches her words… and respectfully stands by her man. Yeah…. it looks like she puts up with a lot of crap from her husband, but she also has her own “dreams.” So just keep watching!

You feel the tension coming, … and when she has finally has had enough….!!!

Oracine, gets her prideful husband straight! I believe this scene is one of the most memorable on screen this year. Just another reason why this movie should be nominated for Best Picture.

Ok… I’m predicting big things for this film come Awards Season! let’s GO !!!!!

Here! Here! for King Richard!!!! I give this movie a high five 🖐🏾…. after I gracefully RISE UP… from a curtesy! Cheers to King Richard!!! It’s a MUST SEE MOVIE …. Another WIN for the Culture!!!

Oh!!!! Wait up!!! I have a personal side story to share… ✨😃✨

As a television news reporter, and morning show personality

at KFMB -TV, Channel 8 in San Diego, I was always thrilled to cover major events…

One day, I was assigned to cover the Toshiba Tennis 🎾 Classic, at was then known as the La Costa Resort…

My day ALWAYS started at 4:00 am! Since this tennis competition was a BIG Deal… I arrived EARLY with my photographer 🎥… to do early live shots for the morning show, and throughout the afternoon…

Around 5am or so…. It was still pitch black… We had tall lights set up all around where I was about to go LIVE…

I couldn’t see anything… beyond those bright lights, and I was moments before going live for my first report of the day. ☀️

Suddenly… I started to hear this swish, swish, swish, swish sound… It was faint at first, but it got louder, and louder…. SWISH, SWISH, SWISH, SWISH !!!!!! What is that ?!!

I cupped my hands over my eyes, and strained to see… All of a sudden I see two girl jogging… wearing very familiar white beads on their hair! The swish, swish, was from all the beads..( on their braids!) ☺️…gently clanking together as they ran..

Wayyyy before the crack of dawn… there they were:

Venus & Serena out jogging… -WITH- their Mom, Miss Oraciine… running 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️right there with them… keeping them alert! Keeping them on course! Keeping motivated!

I waved, and smiled in awe! ✨😁✨ Wow, what DEDICATION!!!!!

The entire property on the LaCosta resort..was dead quiet. It was dark…. and Errrrr-body else was still sleeping! 💤 😴 💤

But…. ☝🏽 the Williams sisters! They were deep into pre-conditioning, and training BEFORE the tournament started later in the day…

Venus gave a quick wave, but stayed seriously focused. Serena turned around jogging backwards, giving a happy and enthusiastic wave, and big grin! Miss Oracine smiled, waved her towel, I waved back!!! So THRILLED to see them! They weren’t giving too many interviews at this stage…

Just seeing them..made my day! 😃

I was already extremely proud of their success, but this sighting…. Proof of their genuine efforts to never stop putting for the effort to be the BEST… and stay on TOP OF THIR GAME !!!!! #BlackExcellence! 🖤

This sighting was when they were already the BEST in the world 🌍 of tennis…. But you know how they story goes….

They kept getting BETTER, and BETTER!!!!! TRUE CHAMPIONS….

FOR REAL!!!! 👊🏾

With Admiration, and Respect for Venus & Serena, and the STRONG support from their parents:

King Richard, and Queen Oracine!!!

~ Evette Dabney/ SAG-AFTRA, Owner, Founder, Creative Director and Talent.

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Starring: Will Smith; Aunjanue Ellis; Saniyya Sidney; Demi Singleton; Tony Goldwyn; Jon Bernthal

Keep up with GOOD NEWS, and positive LIFESTYLE BLOGS with the spirited socialite!

WOw! There she goes again! 👠

~ Evette Dabney, Founder, Owner, Creative Director of Sparkle ✨E✨ Entertainment & Promotions. 💎 💎

Movies that ✨Shine✨ for the Fall and Winter Season!


This upside fairytale, (as it has been called) centers around Christmas festivities at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in 1991..

There’s eating and drinking, shooting and hunting.

while spending the Christmas holiday with the royal family…Princess Diana decides to leave Prince Charles.

You can feel her pain and anguish….. The highs… the lows… and utter madness in her despair…

This film presents a very intriguing chain of events… from Diana’s point of view.

This film is an imagining of what MAY have happened during those few fateful days.

Kristen Stewart gives a SUPERB performance of Lady Di in the drama… #BRAVO !!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

She is so amazing in this role… until I actually forget it was her playing the part! I felt like time rolled back, and replayed everything, and the audience is a fly on the wall… watching IT.ALL.GO.DOWN !!!!!

The stress and drama… the defiance..

Kristen Stewart has a wonderful chemistry with the young actors playing the roles of a young William & Harry.

When Kristen Stewart was initially announced to play this role, people wondered if she could pull it off… “Bella” from the world of “TWilight” vampires… playing LADY DI ?!”

Yep… SHE’s Royally divine!!!

Trust me…. by golly She’s GOT IT!!! I watch a pre-screening of the film… with a packed audience… keeping their eyes fixed on the big screen… with great interest.

Director Pablo Larraín was most confident in his star.

Kristen Stewart & Pablo Larraín

“Kristen can be many things, and she can be very mysterious and very fragile an ultimately very strong as well, which is what we need.”

SPENCER gets its title from Diana’s maiden name, “Spencer.”

During her great awakening during this film, Diana remembers who she is…. and the greatness in her own background…

The marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles is definitely not working out. There are tell tell signs of serious trouble that family/, and royal staffers can no longer ignore…

Rumors of affairs and a divorce run rampant

Royal Staffers are very concerned about Diana..(Some more sensitive than others.) Diana’s young sons also worry a bit…in this dramatic tale…

They’re not quite sure of what to make of her actions from time to time… but they are lovingly devoted to their Mother… The three-some are a tight knit crew indeed!

The film reflects how William & Harry desperately want their mother to be Happy…

It appears she finds the most JOY in her life… with her Sons…

A take-away from this film: Through trials & tribulations… escape to wherever you can to find PEACE!

All you need… is a Miracle! They can happen when you least expect… and ONLY when you truly BELIEVE!!!

~Evette Dabney, Founder, Owner, Creative Director of Sparkle ✨E✨ Entertainment & Promotions 💎

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Kristen Stewart – Diana

Jack Farthing – Prince Charles

Sally Hawkins – Maggie

Timothy Spall – Major Alistar Gregory

Sean Harris – Darren

Stella Gonet – the Queen

Richard Sammel – Prince Philip

Elizabeth Berrington – Princess Anne

Lore Stefanek – Queen Mother

Jack Nielen – William

Freddie Spry – Harry

It’s the 73rd Prime time Emmy Awards!!!

The 2021 Emmy Awards was hosted Sunday, September 19, 2021, -LIVE- …by Cedric the Entertainer… on CBS and Paramount +

I have to give it to “Ceddy” He was engaging with the audience… and had me laughing out loud… all night long! ✨😆✨Cedric was very ~entertaining~ indeed! And dressed sharp as a tack! 📌


I loved the bit with all his TV wives… (((he heeee!!! 😆))) That spontaneous situation made me giggle 😆 even more… (very cute!)

You ALL win the “wifey” award of the year!!! 🏆 Tichina Arnold, Niecy Nash, and Terry J. Vaughn…

The setting for Emmys 2021…looked more intimate, and warm.

Nominees and guests were seated at small tables, instead of rows at a theater.

It seemed like the audience fully enjoyed the evening, and all the good company.

It looked like a fun time!

This year’s ceremony took place at L.A. Live’s Event Deck instead of the Microsoft Theater, which has been home to the Emmys since 2008.

It was a night of memorable tributes… including one at the top of the Rapper Biz Markie… 

This “surprise” tribute showcased the rap skills of several popular celebrities… and YES! It had plenty of flavor!!!

Rita Wilson, L.L Cool J, Lil Dickie, and Cedric the Entertainer got the Emmy’s off to a great start… by rockin’ the house to a custom rendition of Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend.”

As the show continued… presenter Kerry Washington gave a heartfelt tribute to Michael K. Williams, who passed away… just a few weeks before the Emmy Awards show.

During her presentation, Kerry said: “Michael was a brilliantly talented actor and a generous human being who has left us far too soon,” she said. “Your excellence, your artistry will endure. We love you.”

John Oliver also paid tribute to comedian Norm Macdonald…who died just last week.

During the win  for Best Variety Series, Talk Show, Oliver said  “there was no one funnier in late-night comedy than Norm Macdonald.” 

Female directors hit a milestone Sunday night, as “The Crown’s” Jessica Hobbs and “Hacks'” Lucia Aniello won for outstanding directing for a drama series and a comedy series.

Yayyyy for the Ladies!!!

This is the first time that women have swept both directing categories in the same year.

The Governor’s Award went to the phenomenal Debbie Allen!

Debbie made a heartfelt speech expressing her gratitude for the honor! She finished after she said all that she wanted to say.. telling time keepers to turn that clock ⏰ off!

“The Queen’s Gambit,”

“The Crown” “Ted Lasso” and “Mare of Easttown,” took the highest Honors…

In fact… “The Crown” 👑 swept the drama acting awards…

This royal favorite brought home seven wins…the most of any show.

I must say.. this was not a huge surprise… because this Netflix show is extremely well done… It also happens to be one of my favorite shows… 🙌🏽 👑 🙌🏽
I’ve watched it consistently from the very beginning! Even when new actors take on the same characters… it never diminishes the “QUALITY” of the show… It only gets better.. and better! I can’t wait for this show to return!!!

🙋🏽‍♀️A few other personal notes..📝 from me..

Love craft Country was one of the most unique dramas on the tube. This HBO show was like nothing I’ve -ever-seen on television… truly one of the BEST new shows!!!! I was glad to see this show nominated, but it would have been nice to see this incredible production headed by Misha Green get more recognition, and get picked up for another season..
But this was the last hurrah…

After premiering to positive reviews and solid ratings last August, HBO opted not to renew Misha Green’s horror drama, which was originally intended as a limited series.

Fortunately, Courtney B. Vance did get recognized for his guest performance in the dramatic show.. during the creative Emmys..

I also want to congratulate another dramatic series.. that didn’t win..
“The Underground,” by Barry Jenkins…which was also outstanding!!! This Amazon Prime Series received 7 nominations.

And….. Bridgerton… ((sigh:))

That show was such a ✨delight!!!!✨Sooooo GOOD!!! Bridgerton got 12 nominations, and only 1 Emmy awarded….

At least the show had already won for Outstanding Period and/or Character Hairstyling

A well deserved honor… I might add… but… I still think all the shows I have mentioned deserved 👉🏻👉👉🏽👉🏿 BETTER!!!!

Needless to say I was also disappointed… I also was sorry not to see more actors of color win….


BTW… 👉🏼 If you HAVE not seen any of these shows I’ve mentioned … I suggest you set aside a day to Binge Watch!!!! 👀

It’s totally WORTH IT!!! 👍🏽

Yeah…..I’ll just do a happy dance 💃🏻 about all these shows getting better marketing and publicity campaigns … (which has paid off..), with loyal followers…. and a LOT of buzz from influencers, and ATTENTION on social media.

stepping off soapbox… and dropping the mic! 🎤

Saturday Night Live has been one of my favorites for YEARS… (Congratulations to them for their win! 🏆), but I also want to give a shout out to “A Black Lady Sketch Show.” This sketch comedy show is “Hi-Larious!!!!” Bravo to the editing team, who did win during the creative Emmys..

And finally… Can we get a round of applause for “Blackish!!!” 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

It’s the last season for this awesome family comedy on ABC…It would have been great to see them ride off into the sunset with a few trophies… but it’s all good!! The show had a loyal following, and a great run….and lots of memorable episodes…

Now that I’ve had my say…

Here’s a complete list of winners from the 2021 Prime time Emmys:


Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series 

WINNER: Hannah Waddingham, Ted Lasso

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series 

WINNER: Brett Goldstein, Ted Lasso

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie 

WINNER: Julianne Nicholson, Mare of Easttown

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie 

WINNER: Evan Peters, Mare of Easttown

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series 

WINNER: The Crown (Peter Morgan, Episode: “War”)

Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series 

WINNER: The Crown (Jessica Hobbs, Episode: “War”)

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series 

WINNER: Gillian Anderson, The Crown

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series 

WINNER: Tobias Menzies, The Crown

Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series 

WINNER: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

Outstanding Variety Talk Series 

WINNER: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

Outstanding Variety Sketch Series 

WINNER: Saturday Night Live

Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series 

WINNER: Hacks (Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs, Jen Statsky, Episode: “There Is No Line”)

Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series 

WINNER: Hacks (Lucia Aniello, Episode: “There Is No Line”)

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series 

WINNER: Jean Smart, Hacks

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

WINNER: Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso took home the lion’s share of Comedy awards, with series star Jason Sudeikis winning for Lead Actor,

Outstanding Competition Program 

WINNER: RuPaul’s Drag Race

Outstanding Directing for a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie 

WINNER: The Queen’s Gambit(Scott Frank)

Outstanding Writing for a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie 

WINNER: I May Destroy You(Michaela Cole)

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie

WINNER: Kate Winslet, Mare of Easttown

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie 

WINNER: Ewan McGregor, Halston

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

WINNER: Olivia Colman, The Crown

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series 

WINNER: Josh O’Connor, The Crown

Outstanding Variety Special (Live) 

WINNER: Stephen Colbert’s Election Night 2020: Democracy’s Last Stand Building Back America Great Again Better 2020
Outstanding Variety Special (Pre-Recorded) 

WINNER: Hamilton

Outstanding Comedy Series 

WINNER: Ted Lasso

Outstanding Drama Series WINNER: The Crown

Outstanding Limited Series 

WINNER: The Queen’s Gambit

And now… the final numbers…

After the Creative Arts Emmys and the recent Primetime Emmys…here’s how many Awards.. the top studios racked up:

Netflix – 44
HBO/HBO Max – 19
Disney+ – 14
AppleTV+ – 10
NBC – 8
VH1 – 6

~Evette Dabney, Founder, Owner, and Creative Director of Sparkle E Entertainment & Promotions.

Evette Dabney is an Emmy nominated TV news talent, SAG-AFTRA actor, writer / blogger, media consultant, and marketing influencer, living in Los Angeles, California.

Evette Dabney has worked on-air in television news and radio in several markets across the country… including South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kansas and California. 

Evette is a graduate of Clark- Atlanta University, and longtime member of National Association of Black Journalists, Association of Black Journalists of Southern California, Women in For lm, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and Links Inc.

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Live Music is BACK at the Hollywood ⭐️Bowl!

Dave Koz and Friends! #TowerOfPower #KirkWhalum & More!

Hot 🔥 Fun in the Summertime! Chill Vibes…. Smooth JAZZ!

And there’s M O R E !!!!!

Yeahhhh Mon’


With all the coolest 😎 Island Vibezzzz!!!!

Ziggy Marley headlined annual Reggae Night… at the Hollywood ⭐️ Bowl, August 1, 2021,with a socially conscious, roots-driven set.

Now this Singer is TRUE reggae royalty!

A Jamaican Prince 👑 bringing ALL those funky island 🏝 vibes…

Music that reverberates in your soul man!

Ziggy is an 8-time Grammy® winner who brings the sounds of Jamaica 🇯🇲 to the world while honoring the legacy of his father, legendary reggae artist Bob Marley.

Ziggy is also the son of reggae icon Rita Marley. He led the family band Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, with whom he released eight studio albums. He has also released seven solo albums.

Also on the ticket: The Wailing Souls.

This popular group has been central to Jamaican music since the days of rock steady, and their constant evolution has brought them through roots reggae and dancehall….

all the way up to the present.

#WeBeJammin’ ‼️



#reggae night #hollywoodbowl #ziggymarley

#islandflavor 🏝

#webejammin @hollywoodbowl

~Evette Dabney

Founder, Owner, Creative Director of Sparkle ✨E✨Entertainment & Promotions 💎

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Kool and the Gang bring LIFE & SOUL back to Hollywood ⭐️ Bowl !!!!

The Hollywood Bowl is back!!! Popular Soul-funk legends Kool & the Gang… performed to capacity crowds on Saturday, July 3rd, and on the 4th 🇺🇸 of July!

I was thrilled to attend the show on the 4th🇺🇸… I had the BEST time… in a really long time!!!

Nestled right below the Hollywood sign, The famous Hollywood Bowl has been mostly dark.. since COVID-19.

A few mini-concerts were held to honor front line healthcare workers, and first responders… a few weeks earlier…

Before the pandemic, the Hollywood Bowl had never called off an entire season in nearly a century… but no more worries Concert Fans, the venue is back..with a full slate of performers, and musical acts.

See what’s coming up at

The “July 4th Fireworks Spectacular” kicked off… with Thomas Wilkins and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra performing patriotic hits.

Robert “Kool” Bell, one of the founders of the group opened by saying: “Hey, hey, hey, COVID go away,, “’cause we want to play.”

The crowd, obviously excited to be back together in the venue heartily cheered in agreement. People were also thrilled to learn that three of the original members of Kool and the Gang were performing.

What a triumph for this legendary group to keep on keeping on…since the late 60’s!

The crowd cheered, and enthusiastically applauded when ALL branches of the US Armed Forces were recognized… with their familiar theme/ fight songs.

Members of the military past, and present… stood proudly with their families to be recognized.

Front line healthcare workers, and first responders were also recognized.

The sold-out crowds got down both nights with all the popular favorites: “JungleBoogie,” “Get Down On it,,” “Fresh,” “Joanna,”and of course “Celebrate Good times come on!!!”

I can tell you first hand… sold out crowds did exactly that! People came prepared with everything from snacks, to full course dinners… desserts included!

This was the right place, and right time… to start summertime concerts on a high note… EAT, DRINK, and BE MERRY!!!

The Fireworks ended the extravaganza… with a burst of color, and excitement! It was a perfect evening!!!

Evette Dabney, Founder, Owner of Sparkle-“E” Entertainment & Promotions. 💎

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Evette Dabney/ SAG-AFTRA

It’s Oscar Time! Academy Awards, 2021 edition 💫

The 93rd Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, honored the best films of 2020 and early 2021.

This star ⭐️ studded ceremony was scaled down this year, and held at Union Station 🚊 in downtown Los Angeles.

This is where key scenes for major motion pictures have been filmed… for decades.

The historic train station, built in 1939, is also known for its beautiful architecture.

A vibrant ceiling painting in Union Station’s entry vestibule was just discovered in 2017.

It was spruced up…as part of an eight-year restoration.. just in time for #Oscars2021

What a sight to see! It was amazing how the train 🚊 station was transformed into a very stylish show set… and multiple patios for interviews.

Commuters continued to travel on trains… throughout the entire broadcast on ABC.

The audience was much smaller than usual, but the show did go on!

It was absolutely wonderful to see stars dressed impeccably for Hollywood’s Big Night!

With the Pandemic still a major concern, attendees were socially distanced, and the audience prompted to put Masks 😷 on during commercial breaks.

Once again this year, there was no show host. The energy level was still high, and the show flowed smoothly.

The red carpet was sizzling hot 🔥 with sensational fashions… There were pre shows covering arrivals to the grand event, and LIVE interviews with nominated actors, and Oscar presenters.

See fashion blog at 💎 -and check out my ✨favorite✨ Oscar picks for 2021!

Drumroll 🥁 please…….

Here is the complete list of 2021 Oscar Winners:

Best Supporting Actress
Yuh-Jung Youn, Minari

“Minari” star Yuh-jung Youn is the first Korean actress to win for best supporting role

Best Supporting Actor
Daniel Kaluuya, Judas and the Black Messiah

Best Director
Chloé Zhao, Nomadland

Best International Feature
Another Round

Best Animated Feature

Best Documentary Feature
My Octopus Teacher

Winners: Directors Pippa Ehrlich, James Reed and filmmaker Craig Foster

My Octopus 🐙 teacher, on NETFLIX, follows film-maker and diver Craig Foster as he explores an underwater kelp forest near Cape Town, South Africa. Foster appears to bond with an octopus he encounters living in the area.

Best Original Score

Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Jon Batiste won the Oscar for best score for the jazz-infused Pixar feature Soul

Best Original Song
“Fight for You,” Judas and the Black Messiah

Her collaboration with Dernst Emile II and Tiara Thomas “Fight for You.”

Best Original Screenplay
Promising Young Woman
Winner, Emerald Fennell, with Actor Carey Mulligan, “Promising Young Woman”


Best Adapted Screenplay
The Father

Best Cinematography

Best Makeup and Hairstyling
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Best Costume Design
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Mia Neal, Jamika Wilson and Sergio Lopez-Rivera,

Best Film Editing
Sound of Metal

Best Sound
Sound of Metal

Best Live-Action Short
Two Distant Strangers

Best Animated Short
If Anything Happens I Love You

Best Documentary Short

Best Visual Effects

Best Production Design

Best Actor
Anthony Hopkins, The Father

Best Picture
Nomadland , on (HULU)

Best Actress
Frances McDormand, Nomadland

This is Mc Dormands 3rd Oscar Win!

Congratulations to the Academy Award Humanitarian Award Winner, TylerPerry !!!!

Perry, who is a writer, actor, producer, director, TV producer, film maker, and philanthropist …has graciously supported hundreds of people in need, and many important causes.

Perry was presented the Award from Academy Award Winning Actress Viola Davis.

During his acceptance speech, Tyler Perry called for people to Stop 🛑 Hate!


“Just meet me in the middle… and STOP ✋✋🏽✋🏻 HATE !!!!! A very simple, yet powerful request…

#Congratulations 🎉 #Humanitarian #JeanHersholtHumanitarianAward #Winner @tylerperry !!!!

Tyler Perry, Owner of Tyler Perry Studios, Atlanta Georgia, and KING 👑 of the Television & Film Industry

It was quite a night…

A beautiful and spirited reunion of tinsel towns FINEST!

This event was proof… that everything is slowly… but surely getting back to normal.

The entire world 🌎 shut down..for more than a year… because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As you know… all loyal fans love a comeback story… and Hollywood is back… and getting BETTER and more active EVERY DAY!

Productions crews are getting back to work… with careful procedures to keep folks safe.

Covid Testing and Vaccines are available, and keeping work sites safer! Masks 😷 are still being used on set, and a limited events… and are expected to be used in months to come…


Oscar is creating a

NEW golden age of HOLLYWOOD! ⭐️

#ShineOn! #Oscar!

Let’s say it for old times sake:

HoORaY for HOLLYWOOD ✨🎬✨⭐️✨🎭✨⭐️✨🎬✨

Evette Dabney, Founder, Owner, and Creative Director, Sparkle ✨E✨Entertainment & Promotions, 💎

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Snapshots From Oscars over the years…. 💎

A Black Lady Sketch Show is back !!!! 🙌🏾✨

The Emmy-nominated series from Robin Thede debuts SEASON TWO, April 23 y’all!

And let me tell you…. the characters and sketches are HI-Larious !!!!! 😆😅🤣😂😭

Lots of famous faces add to this masterpiece!

Regulars Gabrielle Dennis and Ashley Nicole Black will also return, though Quinta Brunson will not be part of season two due to scheduling conflicts caused by COVID-19 shutdowns.

Featured players Laci Mosley (Florida Girls, Single Parents) and Skye Townsend (BET’s 8 Days a Week) will join the show. Guest stars for season two include Issa Rae (who’s also an executive producer), Gabrielle Union, Jesse Williams, Miguel, Skai Jackson, Laz Alonso, Omarion, Kim Wayans, Ayesha Curry, Lance Gross Wunmi Mosaku…. and many other fresh faces! 😉 Look closely…. you never know who you might see… 😆👀✨

The show is on a six-episode second season (the same number of installments as season one). Lacey Duke and Brittany Scott Smith are the directors for season two;

Robin Thede and head writer Lauren Ashley Smith were joined in the writers room by Black, Holly Walker, Akilah Green, Rae Sanni, Kindsey Young, Shenovia Large and Kristin Layne Tucker.

Thede executive produces with Rae (via her Hoorae banner); Dave Becky and Jonathan Berry of 3 Arts Entertainment; and Tony Hernandez and Brooke Posch of Jax Media. Smith is a co-exec producer, and Deniese Davis, Hoorae’s Montrel McKay and Jax Media’s John Skidmore are producers.

Make sure you tune in… EVERY FRIDAY… on HBO, and HBO MAX !!!

Get your laugh on!!!!!


Evette Dabney, Founder, Owner, and Creative Director of Sparkle✨E✨Entertainment & Promotions 💎

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Golden Globes 2021 Nominations Announced!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Best television series — musical or comedy
The Flight Attendant
The Great
Schitt’s Creek
Ted Lasso

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has announced the nominees for the 78th annual Golden Globe Awards!!!!!

Wooooo!!!!! And the nominations include:

💎 Best television series — musical or comedy
The Flight Attendant
The Great
Schitt’s Creek
Ted Lasso
Emily in Paris

💎 Best motion picture – musical or comedy
Palm Springs
Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm
The Prom

💎 Best actor in a television series — drama
Jason Bateman, Ozark
Josh O’Connor, The Crown
Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul
Al Pacino, Hunters
Matthew Rhys, Perry Mason

💎 Best supporting actress in a motion picture
Jodie Foster, The Mauritanian
Olivia Colman, The Father
Glenn Close, Hillbilly Elegy
Amanda Seyfried, Mank
Helena Zengel, News of the World

💎 Best actress in a miniseries or television film
Cate Blanchett, Mrs. America
Daisy Edgar-Jones, Normal People
Shira Haas, Unorthodox
Nicole Kidman, The Undoing
Anya Taylor-Joy, The Queen’s Gambit

💎 Best actor in a miniseries or television film
Hugh Grant, The Undoing
Ethan Hawke, The Good Lord Bird
Mark Ruffalo, I Know This Much Is True
Bryan Cranston, Your Honor
Jeff Daniels, The Comey Rule

💎 Best actor in a motion picture—comedy or musical
Andy Samberg, Palm Springs
Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm
James Corden, The Prom
Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton
Dev Patel, Personal History of David Copperfield

💎 Best television series — drama
The Crown
Lovecraft Country
The Mandalorian

Best actress in a motion picture—comedy or musical
Anya Taylor-Joy, Emma.
Rosamund Pike, I Care A Lot
Maria Bakalova, Borat: Subsequent Movie Film
Kate Hudson, Music Michelle Pfeiffer, French Exit

💎 Best actress in a television series — drama
Olivia Colman, The Crown
Jodie Comer, Killing Eve
Emma Corrin, The Crown
Laura Linney, Ozark
Sarah Paulson, Ratched

💎 Best actress in a motion picture—drama
Frances McDormand, Nomadland
Carey Mulligan, Promising Young Woman
Vanessa Kirby, Pieces of a Woman
Viola Davis, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Andra Day, The United States vs. Billie Holiday

💎 Best motion picture — drama
Promising Young Woman
The Father
The Trial of the Chicago 7

💎 Best director
Chloé Zhao, Nomadland
Emerald Fennell, Promising Young Woman
Regina King, One Night in Miami
David Fincher, Mank
Aaron Sorkin, The Trial of the Chicago 7

💎 Best supporting actor in a motion picture
Sacha Baron Cohen, The Trial of the Chicago 7
Daniel Kaluuya, Judas and the Black Messiah
Jared Leto, The Little Things
Bill Murray, On the Rocks
Leslie Odom Jr., One Night in Miami

💎 Best actor in a motion picture—drama
Riz Ahmed, The Sound of Metal
Chadwick Bozeman, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Anthony Hopkins, The Father
Gary Oldman, Mank
Tahar Rahim, The Mauritanian

💎 Best original score
The Midnight Sky
News of the World

💎 Best actor in a television series — comedy or musical
Nicholas Hoult, The Great
Eugene Levy, Schitt’s Creek
Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso
Ramy Youssef, Ramy
Don Cheadle, Black Monday

💎 Best supporting actress in a series, miniseries or television film
Gillian Anderson, The Crown
Helena Bonham Carter, The Crown
Julia Garner, Ozark
Annie Murphy, Schitt’s Creek
Cynthia Nixon, Ratched

💎 Best miniseries or television film
The Queen’s Gambit
Normal People
Small Axe
The Undoing

💎 Best supporting actor in a series, miniseries or television film
John Boyega , Small Axe
Brendan Gleeson, The Comey Rule
Dan Levy, Schitt’s Creek
Donald Sutherland, The Undoing
Jim Parsons, Hollywood

💎 Best actress in a television series — comedy or musical
Kaley Cuoco, The Flight Attendant
Elle Fanning, The Great
Jane Levy, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
Catherine O’Hara, Schitt’s Creek
Lily Collins, Emily in Paris

💎 Best motion picture—foreign language
La Llorona
Another Round
The Life Ahead
Two of Us

💎 Best motion picture—animated
Over the Moon
The Croods: A New Age

💎 Best original song
“Speak Now,” One Night in Miami
“Fight for You,” Judas and the Black Messiah
“Hear My Voice,” The Trial of the Chicago 7
“Io See,” The Life Ahead
“Tigress & Tweed,” The United States v. Billie Holiday

💎 Jane Fonda will be the recipient of this year’s Cecil B. DeMille Award, which recognizes a lifetime achievement in film.

The 78th annual Golden Globe Awards will air live on NBC, Feb. 28 , 2021 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET

Put it on your must see

TV 📺 List Now!!! 📝

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Oscars 2020 was a GAME CHANGER…. filled with surprises to score more support… from younger viewers!

The 92nd Academy Awardsceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), honored the best  films of 2019.

The Show, was broadcast Sunday, February 9, 2020.. LIVE on ABC.

The event was held in the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. (Los Angeles, California.)

Oscars2020  was different from any Previous Academy Awards broadcast that I’ve ever seen! 
At first, I thought the highly acclaimed event was getting a little TOO CASUAL!!! I’ve always appreciated the formal, 
and dignified tone of this prestigious event.
The OSCARS is one of the very few remaining events in the world 🌎 that is fabulous and formal!
The women are glamorous in the finest gowns you’ll ever see…and make a grand entrance on the red carpet… we’re talking Traditional Hollywood GLAMOUR! #HoorayForHollywood! ⭐️ 

The men attending the Oscars always look handsome, and well groomed in designer tuxedos…
I watched…. 👀 
I listened 👂🏽 ….
They had a DJ….. to set the tone for the audience when guests were coming inside the Dolby theatre…. really???
( DJ Questlove) … from the roots was revealed to viewers by Ryan Seacrest… moments before the show started.
I said to myself is this the Grammy’s??? 🤔,
Wait a minute……. it sure seems like the Tony’s…. or… kinda MTV ish….
Rap music 🎶 and all…
 LOL! 😆
I watched a few surprised faces in the audience… 
Janelle Mona’e started things off with a BLAST!!!
In a very spirited performance….. she referenced films 🎞 that weren’t nominated, and the lack of diversity… and snubbed female directors this year…

Monae said: “We celebrate all the women who directed phenomenal films,” said the performer.

…..but with everything happening…people were wide awake… jumping up… with big applause… 
👏🏽👏🏼👏👏🏼 👏🏿👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽
Ohhh-Kay! If the lively musical acts, DJ and rap music 🎼 🎶 is enticing a younger audience… alrighty then! 
I’m all about diversity…. creativity…. and a wide variety of lively and upbeat performances… but hey…let’s keep it classy, stylish and formal…… “K”
Holla if ya hear me
🗣Ok!!!!!!!!!! 👍🏽👍🏽
Tradition in Hollywood 🎬
is still
GOLDEN! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🙌🏽✨

It’s always nice to have fresh and innovative ideas…
I just hope it doesn’t veer to far off the traditional path.. 
With everyone sitting up at full attention… It turned out to be quite the night indeed!!!! ( Even without a designated host..)
It seemed like Chris Rock and Steve Martin were kinda-like hosts this year…
They’ve both served as Oscars hosts in previous years… and for the record… they were pretty funny!
Cutting edge humor… straight…. no chaser.
All these years later… they’ve still got it! ✨zing!✨
Let’s get straight to the HIGHLIGHTS:

#ParasiteMovie won best picture; Bong Joon-ho wins best director for “Parasite”;
-PLUS- “Parasite” wins best international feature; Bong and Han Jin-won win best original screenplay for “Parasite”

Renée Zellweger wins best actress for “Judy”
This was the second Oscar win, (and fourth nomination) for Zellweger, who also won best supporting actress for “Cold Mountain.”

Laura Dern wins best supporting actress for “Marriage Story.”

Joaquin Phoenix wins best actor for “Joker”

In an emotional speech,
Phoenix urges everyone to strive for unity!
Phoenix said that he had been a “scoundrel” in his life, and expressed gratitude to people in the room who had given him a second chance. The actor also urged everyone to consider giving others second chances as well.

Brad Pitt won best supporting actor for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Taika Waititi wins best adapted screenplay for 

“Jojo Rabbit”“Toy Story 4” wins best animated feature film

Elton John and Bernie Taupin win for best original song for “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again” from “Rocketman”
Matthew Cherry & Karen Rupert Toliver …. won best animated short film for “Hair Love.” 💆🏽‍♀️

“Hair Love” tells the story of a father learning to do his daughter’s gorgeous Afro-textured hair 👧🏽 while her mother is in the hospital.

Cherry, a former NFL player, is the second professional athlete to win an Oscar, following the late Kobe Bryant’s win for “Dear Basketball” in 2018.

The Barack and Michelle Obama-produced “American Factory” wins best documentary feature!
Here is a  list of MORE OSCAR winners…

International feature film South Korea, Parasite

Makeup and hairstyling Bombshell

Visual effects 1917

Best film editing 

Ford v Ferrari

Best cinematography Roger Deakins, 1917

Best sound mixing 1917

Documentary short feature 

Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone, if you’re a girl

Documentary feature American Factory

Best costume design

Jacqueline Durran, Little Women

Best production design Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood

Live-action short film The Neighbors’ Window

Best adapted screenplay

Taika Waititi, Jojo Rabbit

Best original screenplay

Bong Joon-ho, Parasite

Animated short film Hair Love

Animated feature film

Toy Story 4

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