Five Nights in Maine… Prepare for a dark and emotional journey…

Five Nights in Maine is an Indy drama written by Maris Curran…starring David Oyelowo

Dianne Wiest 

Rosie Perez. 

Maris Curran tracked down Oyelowo on location at another hopes of getting him attached to the project…

Oyelowo says when he read the script.. it terrified him! When something scares him… he has to jump into the challenge immediately! So he decided -this-was a project he had to work into schedule.

Oyelowo plays a man struggling to cope with the tragic loss of his wife. 

 The bewildered African American man… travels to rural Maine to meet his wife’s estranged mother, who is also struggling with grief and guilt.. The devastated man is looking for answers…

 Oyelowo says the only preparation he needed was to feel how devastating it would be for any man to loose the most precious thing in his life… He says he could not imagine his world without his real life wife… It honestly scared him!

The terrifying thought was all he needed to set the tone for filming. Oyelowo does an extraordinary job demonstrating the pain and anguish of this confused character.

Movie goers experience the spontaneous things he does.. to try and cope with his grief. Flashback scenes included in the film..give more insight about the days leading up to the tragedy.

Dianne Wiest is excellent in her role…as the mother-in-law Lucinda. She plays a dignified..yet fragile woman.. desperately hiding hurt feelings..and emotional pain..while trying to cope with physical pain.  She uses her hard core exterior… and difficult personality as her shield.

There are a lot of awkward exchanges.. and silent moments in this film.. 

I sat rigidly in my seat..watching these exchanges take place…feeling every bit of anguish from the characters… 

It was like looking at a massive tug of war taking place… Sharp words and cutting actions going back and forth like this:

 Mother-in-law: “My grief is tougher than your grief..”

Son-in-law: “Noooo!!! MY grief is SO much more difficult than yours!”

…and so on and so forth…Everything they do and say.. is like a relentless emotional battle… -whew- even more intense when exchanges are soft and polite through clinched teeth..😁

It’s gut wrenching.. but a drama definitely worth your time to see…

-Brace yourself.- The emotional journey David Oyelowo  and Dianne Wiest are about to take you on…is intense..

During a candid discussion after a screening of the film at the Arclight in Hollywood.. 
The cast revealed that making this movie was not easy! 

The social climate in Maine, weather conditions and remote filming locations were challenging… but there was a number of nice bonding opportunities with the cast and crew on location.

The writer/producer also says there were some very fun times behind the scenes..making this highly emotional film…

In case you’re wondering..-YES- you may see a glimmer of HOPE near the end of those dark five nights in Maine… Well…It depends on how YOU see things… Pay attention to those last few moments…