Just think…. People everywhere are thinking… WHAT NOW???

He’s suave and SWAG-A-LICIOUS! He’s even got HALLE BERRY as a running partner!!!

After making $$$ Millions… from Movie after movie… snagging MAJOR endorsement deals… Strolling down every significant red carpet in Hollywood… 

This dude is hanging TOUGH with “A” Listers like Don Cheadle, “THE ROCK!” and Halle Berry… ((They’ve got quite a little adventure going on in this movie too!)))

Anywho… back to TV Life… Kevin Hart is Keeping up with the shenanigans of “REAL HUSBANDS of HOLLYWOOD” Back to film again… chilling with ice cube.. back to real life.. He got MARRIED 💍…. -then- git A STAR⭐️️on the HOLLYWOOD WALK of Fame…

 —-— W H E W !!!!—

Kevin Hart might be short in Height… but now…he’s standing TALL in the entertainment world! He’s UP there at the top of the comedy food chain! Top of the HEAP BABY! Cue the song:  

 🎶🎶” ALL THE WAY UP!!!🎶🎶

After ALL THIS GOOD  FORTUNE 🔮… It makes perfect sense to ponder the question …. 


Well….. this movie is the answer to that question….


That’s What!!! 

And you better BELIEVE…Kevin Hart does this brilliantly! Oh yeah…He’s got JOKES! and a whole lot of stories to tell… 

With recent life events, family situations, romance…and a new home… Kevy-Kev has PLENTY of GREAT NEW MATERIAL to SHARE!

If you want to GET YOUR LAUGH ON… You should go and check this out! It’s upbeat, and hilarious! 

I really enjoyed myself in this movie! I laughed out loud quite a few times… and found myself chiming in with a certain catch phrase when “I” thought it fit!

….. and you’re thinking….

****** “R E A L-L Y ????🤔 *****

—giggling!—  😄😆😝😜

Ahhhh… **** Y E A H!!! ****

I really liked the way his comedy bits were presented in this film… but what I liked MOST was ALL the LOVE❤️️ KEVIN HART received from his hometown of Philadelphia, PA!!!!

The reactions from the audience were great! Lots of approval from the city of BROTHERLY LOVE! 👊🏾 and SISTERLY AFFECTION! 💋

This was truly a 

✨shining moment✨  for Kevin… perhaps his FINEST show to date…

So now you’re probably wondering… After this…

 ****** WHAT ELSE ??? ******

Well…. Life will go on… and I feel deep in my HEART… that Kevin HART will have a whole lot more to share… things that will keep us rolling over with laughter!!!

….. and that’s WHATS UP…. NOW!!! 

-Evette Dabney

EVETTE DABNEY is the Owner, Founder and Creative Director of “Sparkle-“E” Entertainment & Promotions

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