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Maya Angelou…. And Still I rise…

Wow… This movie could not have been released at a better time… Feelings are hurt… Our Nation is divided… Yet the words.. wit and wisdom of this iconic woman…will forever have the power to HEAL!

And when I tell you watching this film with those assembled was an emotional and moving experience…you better believe it!

I had the honor… and privilege to watch this film with the team responsible for producing this FILM…

It’s OUTSTANDING…and you should definitely add it to your MUST SEE LIST…. so you WON’T MISS IT??!

The Director and producers were involved in this LABOR of LOVE… researching…interviewing… and collecting film footage for 5 years.

Rita Coburn Whack..and the entire film production crew…has had the full support of Dr Angelous grandson… Colin Johnson who is now in charge of the family foundation and business.

They went through hundreds and hundreds of hours of film, sifted through more than 10,000 photographs… and made the most of the precious time they were given to personally speak with Dr. Angelou… during the final days of her life.

The FILM TEAM includes Directors: Rita Coburn Whack, Bob Hercules and Producers Michael Kantor & Jay Alix.

The great Quincy Jones… introduced the film screening for the evening.  He shared personal stories of his longtime friendship with Dr. Angelou… and her involvement in a key project he produced with B.B King. 
Did you know that Dr. Maya Angelou wrote lyrics to songs performed by Blues Great B.B King? Ahhhhh…. well it’s just ONE of the many new things you’ll learn about this literary 👸🏽 QUEEN in this documentary…. 

and speaking of a **QUEEN*** Did you know Dr. maya Angelou actually played that ROLE… in a production with a SUPERB CAST in a Stage production????

 Ahhh-ha!!! Another fascinating thing you’ll be exposed to… in this film.

Director Rita Coburn Whack says many, many efforts have been made to create a film about Dr. Angelou… and after so many failed attempts…she finally received the BLESSING from the grand dame herself! Coburn Whack lived with Dr. Angelou… enjoying her valuable time, her food.. and gracious hospitality.  The BEST part of it.. of course..hearing all the treasured details of her life… 

What a life indeed! This Author, Poet, Humanitarian, Music lyricist, Actor, Director, Mother, Grandmother, Mentor and Cherished Friend Lived QUITE A LIFE!

 There are so MANY phenomenal stories!!! The directors included as much of it as possible… choosing to focus on subject matter that people always wanted to know more about. 

They’ve included several other ~surprising~ details about things people never knew… and it is ALL so intriguing… 

The film’s narration comes from various interviews conducted with Dr. Maya Angelou over the years…

The CAST is this film includes some of the FINEST PEOPLE!  To name a few… Oprah, Cicely Tyson, Former Pres. Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Louis Gossett Jr., James Earl Jones, Diahnn Carroll Alfre Woodard, Common, John Singleton, Tyler Perry, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison,Nikki Giovanni, Terry McMillan

Dr. Maya Angelous life…. is connected with some of the greatest moments in recent American history… She’s also played a significant role in my life as a public speaker…

 I can’t tell you all the times… I’ve recited her poems… and iconic words at programs as special events… as the Host or M.C…

Her sharp words always helped me cut through nervous tension… and always set the tone for a wonderful occasion… EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

And on a more personal note… her writings and books 📚 have also encouraged and inspired me to keep on keeping on! They’ve lifted my head… when I’ve wanted to bury my face in my hands and just cry….throw up my hands and say FORGET IT!!! She didn’t… so I won’t either… I’ll just run on… and see what the end will be… 

No one has spoken to the heartships, the hurt, and the power and beauty of black women, the black race, the HUMAN race like Dr. Angelou. Talk about KEEPING IT REAL!!!

Her style, the rhythm of her wording… has boosted the confidence of so MANY…. especially… ME.

Dr. Maya Angelou has known real pain, passionate love, severe hurt, tremendous joy, deep anger…while being chosen for some of the GREATEST PRIVILEGES…the HIGHEST HONORS in the land!

You must SEE THIS MOVIE!!! and Go on some of those emotional journeys… and CELEBRATE her life! 

This FILM sets the record straight! 

This “sHE-RO”  Dr. Mayo Angelous..will not be forgotten…OR written down in history…. with bitter… twisted lies:



You: What’s that????

Me: “OSCAR BUZZ!!!!” This documentary deserves to be NOMINATED…. and it deserves to win an ACADEMY AWARD… and a host of other honors… and trophies 🏆!!!! So join me:

Bzzz…Bzz…Bzzzz!!!! Oscar BuzZ…pass it on!!! 🤗

-Evette Dabney, Founder,CEO Creative Director of Sparkle “E” Entertainment  

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Here’s the skinny on this movie in a nut shell: This movie 🎥 starts off gutsy… spirited… and SASSY! 

The HUGE start… marches onward with a unique and artsy flair… ***PAY ATTENTION*** The Art in the gallery is BOLD at first… and gets darker.. and more intense as the film continues… almost like a foreSHADOWING… of what’s to come…

A successful LA Art gallery owner named SUSAN… has her life shaken to its core…by the arrival of a manuscript…written by her first husband…she hasn’t seen in years. 

The script tells a story of a teacher who takes a trip with his and it turns into a HORRIBLE nightmare! 

When I say HORRIBLE… fasten your seatbelts… because on the road to the tragic outcomes… are going to start of slow… and suspenseful… just enough to make you think… Oh.. this is no big deal…it’s going to be ok…

OK… You allow yourself to think that… OR… you can take my advice… and brace yourself for a situation… that’s going to SPIN.OUT.OF.CONTROL!!!!!

Oh no 🙈….oh no… NOooo!!!!!

Oh my gosh… oh my gosh….

********* W H Y !!!!!!!! ********

Here are the elements to this film: Mix up a bit of twighlight zone… with a little hitchhiker… some outlander…A healthy flavoring of Alfred Hitchcock … and HELTER SKELTER… now stir in a whole lotta hillbilly…psycho crazy!!!! 

Oooo Weeeeee!!!! Call it Scary!!!! 

Drama spinning out of control under the cover of jet. black. darkness… in the middle of NO WHERE!!!!!

As (Susan) —> Amy Adams…continues to read the manuscript..it forces her to examine her past and confront some dark truths… Her Handsome Husband’s constant traveling… and mysterious schedule that leaves her uneasy… and a bit insecure…

The CAST of nocturnal Animals discuss working on the stressful and tension filled scenes… late at night…. in the middle of NO WHERE!!!

This movie is creatively disturbing.& twisted…

Director Tom Ford takes us through some very unique transitions… in the film…weaving ironic similarities with the lives of the exes…and the timing of what unfolds next…

Amy Adams portrays a very cold ice queen…who slowly dissolves into an emotional puddle…

But she is oh so sleek and sharply dressed! A fashion forward diva dressed by  cinema star & fashion icon… TOM FORD. #Sensational!!!

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a respectable man struggling to take control of a series of unfortunate scenarios…that keep popping up in his life… His good nature is consistently put to the test… when he has to think fast on his feet.. in dead end confrontations…

This is a movie just the thing for a coed group of folks to see…who like mentally challenging films that can sort through but by bit..

I don’t think this movie is like anything you’ve ever seen before… You think it might be this… and then it turns out to be that… and THAT is what you’re going to have to sort through yourself… or as a group to dissect later…. 

At any rate… you’re going to have to pay attention to the details…. Sooooooo……

Don’t sleep on this one folks.. I expect NOCTURNAL ANIMALS to be nominated for a lot of awards too… Oscar included.

-Evette Dabney, Founder, CEO Sparkle-“E” Entertainment & Promotions


First of all… How ironic that a couple who experienced so much hatred in their efforts to stay together…would have the name LOVING…. yeah… this is not fake… This dramatic LOVE affair is based on a TRUE STORY... that changed the LAW in America for mixed couples to LEGALLY & LAWFULLY BE MARRIED. 

This simple… and devoted couple from the south… allowed their fight for L❤️VE to finally be approved by the SUPREME COURT! 

It’s ALL the struggles & hardships the faced on the road to this victory… that will make you wince… and wiggle in your 💺 seat at the 🎥 movies…

These people WENT THROUGH IT… you hear me!!!! Love happens… It knows -NO-

COLOR! ❤️💛💚💙💜

When you’re bitten by the LOVE BUG it’s serious! when it is TRUE LOVE… Those DETERMINED & committed to a UNION… will go through whatever it takes… TO BE TOGETHER!!! This MAN… and this WOMAN desired to be respectably ***MARRIED!!!!*** There are many options they could have chosen… but they were in LOVE… and wanted to be LEGALLY bound.

EVERYTHING these people had to go through… and all the FOLKS they had to deal with in the process is UN-BELIEVEABLE!!!

Interracial couple Richard and Mildred Loving fell in love and were married in 1958. They grew up in Central Point, a small town in Virginia that was more integrated than surrounding areas in the American South.

 It was in Virginia, where they wanted to live..and starting their family… Their families, friends and support systems were in that little town.

Unfortunately… they were jailed and then banished from the area.

Richard and Mildred relocated with their children to the inner city of Washington, D.C., but longed to be back in Virginia…

 The journey for them to get back there… and stay… is difficult. This is a great date movie, chick flick, husband & wife date night movie…and a girls night out social activity…

This is one of those movies… you’ll definitely need to talk about afterwards… over food 

🍽 food and drinks🍸🍷🍹

It is ~BEAUTIFULLY~performed by actors Joel Edgerton & Ruth Negga… 

Go and SEE it!  This movie is definitely one to watch!  I expect it to be nominated for an OSCAR… and WIN a lot of other AWARDS!


🎙—“I want to dedicate this to ALL the LOVERS❤️ OUT THERE…”

-Evette Dabney, Founder,CEOCreative Director of Sparkle-“E” Entertainment & Promotions  www.sparkle-e.com


Ready for a suspenseful THRILLER?!! Here’s one ELLE of a movie!

ELLE is a French movie with sub-titles. You’ll need to read quickly! This adds to the suspense and thrill of watching this film. 
After you’re warmed up with the reading… and watching the scenarios unfold….you’ll be fully emerged in this story.. and all it’s constant revelations

Isabelle Huppert discusses her complex character… and how the woman she portrayed managed to keep her wits about her…trying to cope with so many challenges at once.

Now check this out: With all the crazy things happening left.. and right in this woman’s life.. LOVE, CARE & CONCERN for animals is significant in this film.

 If you’re truly focused… you’ll see how these themes reveal a softer side of this hard core woman…and are in a sense the glue that keeps her from falling apart… 

Her compassion for these small creatures were the thing… that allowed her to enter a sad space… and truly feel sorrow… and pain. Pain in particular… that is connected to about another chain of events early on in her life… 

This shocking situation (revealed later in the film), was the foundation for her to build the tough as nails exterior… in her soul… to SURVIVE all the atrocities she’s had to endure.

Watch how she handles situations with animals in her space… and how she voices concern for these gentle creatures in the midst of the harsh things that happen to her..

Michèle is a confident business woman. She’s outspoken… strong and appears to be indestructible. 

Question: How MANY things could possibly happen to one woman… who seems to have it all? 

Answer: You have NO IDEA of all the things this lady has to deal with! Watching this film will give you details including:

Major situations in her life she had NO control over happening… 

Sticky situations she freely allows herself to get into… 

Craziness she tries to manage… and frightening scenarios she confronts head on…

********* Whew! *********

There are a whole LOT of OMG moments in this one! A sure pick for a sophisticated… mature crowd, and a sure pick for a THRILLING film for a group of folks to see… and dissect over drinks later…🍷🍸🍻🍺🍾

As the Head of a top video game company…the leading female character in this film..brings the same ruthless attitude to her love life as in business. 

A sudden attack in her home by an unknown assailant changes (Michèle’s) life forever. 

When she resolutely tracks the man responsible down… they are both drawn into a curious and thrilling game…a very twisted game…that spirals out of control!!!

Should you see this one? Oui! Oui! 

-Evette Dabney

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