The Gate is being opened… for YOU to get into “FENCES” So GET READY to see the mighty forces on the other side…

****** POWERFUL!!!!!!πŸ’₯******

Enough said!!! *** Drops Mic πŸŽ™**

Wait for it……  Wait for it…….

I’m picking the mic BACK UP… and putting my hands on my hips… to speak into your spirit… slowly… and methodically:

 πŸ’πŸ½ “The performances in this film adaptation of August Wilson’s stage play… are “AMAZING !!!!!”

So Get Ready! Get READY!! GET READY!!!!

Denzel Washington and Viola Davis have such a great chemistry in this πŸŽ₯ movie…. Just when you THOUGHT you’ve already witnessed their BEST performances in countless other productions….. JUST WAIT!!!!

***NEWS FLASH!!!πŸ“Έ*****

 “Fences,” has been nominated for a SAG & NAACP AWARD … for outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture award!!!

****πŸ—£WoOoo HoOoOo!!!!!!!****

Denzel Washington and Viola Davis have been nominated for GOLDEN GLOBE, SAG and NAACP AWARDS for their performances in this movie! Viola ~also~ just won a CRITICS CHOICE AWARD for her role…  πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

Hold on….The honors KEEP rolling in!!!

Viola Davis… is also up for outstanding performance by a female actor in a supporting role in a movie (SAG, GOLDEN GLOBE, NAACP …. while Denzel Washington has also been nominated for best male actor… in a motion picture for the GOLDEN GLOBES, SAG and NAACP AWARDS

***WELL DESERVED HONORS…. so far….. let’s hope MORE are to come! *****

Set in 1950s Pittsburgh, a former Negro League player, Troy Maxson...( Denzel Washington), is now working as a waste collector. He struggles to stay centered…and provide for his family. 

The main character also creates tension in his family when he squashes his son’s (Jovan Adepo) dream of playing college football.

With a seemingly tight relationship with his wife..and life partner Rose…(Viola Davis), This outspokened… and headstrong man… MUSTccome to terms with the events of his life.

It’s a a tough slice of LIFE.. being served up hard and cold…

The wide range of emotions displayed by the actors in this film… will tug at your heart.. and leave you constantly wondering… *** Wow…….. What NOW??? ***

As Rose Maxon, Viola Davis’ character is committed to keep her family together at all costs! 
***************************”Sometimes people want to put up fences… not just to keep things “OUT”…but people “IN”…

***************************~Listen~ πŸ‘‚πŸ½for this very powerful revelation in the film… It pulls all of the central themes TOGETHER in this masterpiece!

Viola ~expertly~ transitions from HAPPY to SAD…to disgust..frustration and utter shock like a true –MASTER– of the dramatic 🎭 arts… She gives a compelling performance indeed!!! 

*** Side note: Viola  also brings the #Fire πŸ”₯to #HTGAWM “How to get away with murder…” The highly acclaimed TV series on ABC!  Another one of my PERSONAL favorites!!! A sister is trying to make it to a TV… no matter what’s going on… 

Oh my! I just love seeing Viola wheeling and dealing on this show!!! #AlwaysCallingTheShots! #LargeAndInCharge!

Viola honestly DESERVES every single accolade…and ALL the awards coming her way!!!! —>  πŸ˜‰

Not only does TWO TIME ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Denzel Washington pack a POWERFUL PUNCH πŸ‘ŠπŸ½in his role… but he does an OUTSTANDING JOB as DIRECTOR! 

Ahhhh…. Could a 3rd Academy Award be possible??? 

Motioning the choir to stand up and sing:

******** 🎢 YES!!!!!! 🎢******

It is ~definitely~ a strong possibility! When you’re GREAT… you’re just GREAT!!! ( period.)

I’m just saying people… you gotta see him in action to BELIEVE THIS!!! I was extremely impressed with his portrayal of the leading man in this film… Denzel took it to ANOTHER LEVEL of GREATNESS!!!

I got a kick out of  hearing Denzel say he felt he was BEST for the director’s job… so he HIRED HIMSELF! (((Like a true BOSS!!! ))) 

You know what I mean???  Yeah!!!!! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸŽ¬

If you got it like that… You got it like that... and When you’re HOT… you’re HOT! πŸ”₯

Denzel Washington has YEARS of experience… and the confidence and respect of a lot of folks in this entertainment industry … 

He -knew- the characters inside and out… performing in the production on Broadway…so by all means he deserved this opportunity! It’s mighty nice to be in a position to afford you these kind of opportunities.

The wide range of emotions displayed by the actors in this film… will surely tug at your heart..❀️and leave you constantly wondering…. 

*** Wow…….. What NOW??? ***
Stephen Henderson..plays the role of Troys Best friend, (Jim Bono), in such a warm… and admirable fashion.  A very realistic portrayal of “that guy…” every man deserves to have around…to watch his back… talk trash around… share a sip or two… and. Lot of good stories and laughter.

Mykelti Williamson plays Gabriel Maxson... Troys Brother. His performance will leave you speechless at times… and take your emotions through highs… and gut wrenching lows…. (whoa…)

The Cast spoke about some miraculous things that happened while filming in Pittsburgh…

The youngest of the ensemble … Little Miss Sinyya Sidney is pretty sure the heavenly presence of the late author/playwright–who wrote this production… August Wilson was with them in “spirit” 

There were a few things that happened… and seemed as though that this artistic GREAT was sending the cast and crew his blessings and approval from above….

*** Side note: ****?I am so proud of the Bright Young Starlet 🌟 Sinyya! I gave her a BIG βœ‹πŸΎ HIGH FIVE!!!” I shared some pleasant conversation with her at another industry event.)

Not only does she ✨shine✨  in “Fences… “She also stars in “American Horror Story” as the daughter of Angela Bassett’s character & one of Taraji ‘s daughters in “Hidden Figures” -> See our #blog for more about that….and of course the young daughter of Viola’s ( and Denzel’s) characters in “FENCES

The OUTSTANDING cast of characters in “FENCES” include:

🌟Denzel Washington as Troy Maxson

🌟Viola Davis as Rose Maxson

🌟Stephen Henderson as Jim Bono

🌟Jovan Adepo as Cory Maxson

🌟Russell Hornsby as Lyons Maxson

🌟Mykelti Williamson as Gabriel Maxson

and 🌟Little Miss Saniyya Sidney as Raynell Maxson


B Z Z Z Z Z Z!!!! You hear that???? It’s Oscar B U Z Z that is REALLY LOUD!!!!

This film opens on Christmas Day… making it eligible for Academy Award nominations in 2017…
So use BIG hand gestures…and motion to your crew… to come on through theater GATES…to see FENCES! You won’t be able to shut off your emotions to this one..

Support worthy actors in their finest hours… This theatrical production is guaranteed to leave you with the desire to see…MORE!
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