While you’re feeling all “giddy” with light hearted laughter… These shows GO DEEP into politics… & REAL LIFE issues…

‘Roseanne’ on abc is back! The rebooted sitcom… reflects the current day Conner family….surprising changes… controversial issues…

economic struggles…

and all…

Yep, They’re on a roll folks… “Roseanne” premiered to HUGE ratings.

The show kicks off… focusing on a squabble between Roseanne and her sister Jackie.

Roseanne is down with TRUMP on the show…

( no matter what…)while her sister Jackie… (Laurie Metcalf) defends her own liberalism.

Jackie is horrified about her sisters political position.

She is visibly upset about Hilliary not leading America…

Smart… real smart… The new version of this show opens… with the very issue that split LOTS of American families in half…in REAL LIFE!

The sisters.. who used to always be together through thick & thin had not seen each other… or spoken in a really long time.

“Roseanne” deals with major issues…that clearly demonstrate hardships… and problems with working class… and low income people!


We’re talking…class struggles, health care, unemployment, gender identity, family separation while loved ones serve abroad with armed forces… and a whole lot of other issues…with blended families.

Roseanne & Dan have got grand kids now… a teenage girl going through all the usual mood swings, and teen drama… and a gender-fluid grandson… who loves bright colors.. and wearing a skirt or dress from time to time… he’s happy with life… and loves his clothing choices…

His mother, (Darlene, played by Sara Gilbert… says he’s just exploring right now…

His grandpa ( Dan, played by John Goodman helps him explore edgier things.. into his glitter loving life… like…a pocket knife… basketball 🏀 and other stuff like that.

Another BIG REVEAL is that Darlene, ( Sara Gilbert), has lost her job… and is back in the Connor home… with her kids…

Becky’s there too… and shocked the family with a bold plan… to earn money to pay for mounting bills.. and hopefully get a place of her own.

D.J’s back from serving in the military, and cares for his little girl 👧🏽… a bubbly African-American girl… whose face lights up… when she sees

“Grandma Rose..” (the loving nickname she calls the matriarch of the Connor family.)

Roseanne Conner… is STILL the opinionated, brash but lovable matriarch of the blue-collar family.

The chemistry with all the actors is still as great as I remember. It feels genuine with their interactions…

The show paints a very realistic portrait … of exactly how you could imagine the family turning out… in these days and times…

I watched it… nodding my head up and down… remembering the personalities of the characters I watched all those years…

Yep, yep… It’s all working together… It all makes sense… “I get it!”

Roseanne has always been a very smart comic & producer. She’s clever… calculating and pretty slick!

She knows how to push the envelope.

She knows -exactly- what to do to grab America’s attention…..


She never plays it safe… she’s always been cutting edge… never afraid to take risks. Her subject matter sparks interest.. and dialogue… The perfect equation for RATINGS SUCCESS!

Roseanne has gone on record basically saying… people can always agree to disagree…

( and….there-eeee ya go!) It’s all on with the show… and you betcha people are gonna keep watching to see what hot ♨️button 🕹issues..the Connor family is going to be dealing with next.

Oh! and by the way… the show has ALREADY been renewed for a second season.

“Roseanne” airs on Tuesday’s on ABC 8/7c

Will & Grace.. is another successful re-boot. This show… (which was also one of my favorites…) has been reinvented for current political times…with anti-Trump commentary from time to time….

The Will & Grace revival reunites original stars Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes.

In addition to winning 16 Emmys, (including Outstanding Comedy Series in 2000), “Will and Grace” is credited with paving the way for LGBT characters on TV, featuring the first openly gay lead characters on a primetime network series.

Ultimately… the comedy is a show about TRUE friendship between the four main characters… wowza! They’ve had some hilarious adventures over the years! Sure… there’s political stuff… and other important issues in the world… as one of the stars of the show was quoted as saying. “It’s a little bit of everything!”

Everything that results in BIG ratings… and a devoted audience….(check!)

**** Update! ****

NBC has now ordered an 18-episode third season for fall 2019. This will be the multi-camera comedy’s 11th season overall…including its original eight-season run on NBC.

And we can always count on “Blackish” (also on ABC)

for a great lessons on racial tolerance… black history… and other issues… from the African American perspective…

“Blackish” is now in it’s fourth successful season. The popular comedy stars ⭐️Anthony Anderson…as the father of the family,(Dre)and ⭐️ Tracee Ellis Ross… as the mother

( Rainbow). The show also stars Marcus Scribner as Andre (“Junior”) Johnson Jr. , Miles Brown as Jack Johnson, Marsai Martin as Diane Johnson, Peter MacKenzie as Leslie Stevens, Deon Cole, as Charlie Telphy, Jennifer Lewis as Ruby Johnson, and Laurence Fishburne as Earl “Pop’s” Johnson

Can I just say how proud I am of this show! 👍🏽 I can always get a great laugh… and satisfaction in my soul… that someone… somewhere… just had an eye 👁 opening “Ah-ha” moment… and learned something TRUE… that they wouldn’t know otherwise…

🗣***Shout out*** to ALL shows that not only ENTERTAIN…but educate… and motivate different races… cultures…and socio-economic circles..to have a better understanding of each other…

This show goes deep! The Producers aren’t afraid to take on touchy subjects either…

In the end… I always take a deep breath… and go… “yeah, that was good dd

The single camera sitcom centers on an upper middle class African-American family… and life in the suburbs.

(Dre), struggles with finding his cultural identity… raising his kids in a white neighborhood.

“Blackish” airs on ABC,

Tuesday’s 9/8 c

This AWARD WINNING show… is the BRILLIANT creation of show runner Kenya Barris… An alumnus 👨🏽‍🎓 of Clark-Atlanta University!!!

“Blackish” has done so well… that the Johnson family’s eldest daughter has left to nest to star ⭐️ in her very own spin-off…

New college kid “Zoey” ( played by Yara Shahidi), is taking her first steps into the real world…🌍 in college.

“Grown-ish” explores the modern day transition into adulthood… and all the other things…that come along with the “rites of passage..into womanhood.”

“Grownish” airs on Wednesday’s 7/8 Central on Freeform

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