Crazy Rich Asian does CRAZY 💴 🤑 💴 GOOD at the Movie 🎥 Box Office ‼️

News Flash!!! 📸 “Crazy Rich Asians” is now the biggest romantic comedy hit film…in three years!!!

This delightful movie centers around Rachel Chu (Constance Wu), an economics professor from New York…who is dating Nick Young (Henry Golding), also a professor.

When Chinese American, Rachel…goes to Nick’s family home in Singapore… She discovers that he comes from great family wealth… –and- he’s considered one of the country’s most eligible bachelors!

-Wow!- Wait… wait….wait… there’s MORE to this intriguing saga. Rachel has to deal with jealous socialites,… Nick’s quirky relatives and his hard core mother! A strong & proud woman..who… disapproves of her son’s choice in a mate..

See….. people all over the world face the same problems in life. It’s a bonus… to gain insight from the wisdom and choices of others… when you focus in on situations… through a different lense… Rightttt?????

After dating a year… Rachel & Nick step into the spotlight… and quite a bit of chaos when they attend Nicks best friends wedding.

Hold Up‼️🖐🏽

When I tell you this is “THE” most ✨spectacular✨ wedding that I have EVER seen in my ENTIRE LIFE….

✨You Better BELIEVE IT!✨

Never in my wildest DREAMS… could I have imagined anything so BEAUTIFUL!!!! It was


The fabulous Singapore event is just one of the memorable factors in this storyline that is simply charming and funny!

Most definitely a FEEL GOOD movie… it a culturally enriching masterpiece… that should not be missed! How gratifying to see that people from all races… and nationalities are connecting to a GOOD STORY… and not a presentation with people who ONLY look like them! #Yay! for #diversity & #inclusion again!

Another special feature of this film.. is it sparks your desire to TRAVEL! The glamorous depiction of Singapore will definitely give tourism a boost! I’m certainly ready for a scenic adventure! ✈️ 👍🏽🎏🎎

“Crazy Rich Asians” is the first Hollywood film in 25 years… that puts an Asian-American story in the spotlight… with an ALL ASIAN CAST. The last big success was “The Joy Luck Club” in 1993.

The movie is based on a best-selling novel 👇🏽

Kevin Kwan published ” Crazy Rich Asians in 2013…

Kwan was immediately approached by a producer.. who wanted to take the project to the Big Screen… “If” he turned the heroine (Rachel), into a “white girl….” Say what?????

Well… Kwan politely said “NO THANK YOU… that’s not what this is about.. you’ve missed the point completely.

It took some years… but Kwan was finally able to see his vision unfold on the big screen the way he intended. Movie goers get to see incredible scenery… delectable foods… and lavish wardrobes.. It’s a celebration of beauty and culture in every possible way. I was absolutely thrilled to feast my eyes on this wonderful production, and it’s ALL Asian cast.


Constance Wu

Rachel Chu 

Henry Golding

Nick Young 

Michelle Yeoh

Eleanor Young 

Ken Jeong

Wye Mun Goh 

Gemma Chan

Astrid Young Teo 

Lisa Lu

Ah Ma 


Peik Lin Goh 

Sonoya Mizuno

Araminta Lee 

Jimmy O. Yang

Bernard Tai 

Christopher Pang

Colin Khoo 

Ronny Chieng

Eddie Cheng 

Remi Hii

Alistair Cheng 

Nico Santos

Oliver T’sien 

Jing Lusi

Amanda Ling 


Jon M. Chu


Adele Lim


Brad Simpson


Brian Tyler

Composer (Music Score) 

John Penotti


Kevin Kwan

Book Author, Executive Producer 

Kevin Kwan

Book Author, Executive Producer 

Mary Vogt

Costume Designer 

Myron Kerstein


Nelson Coates

Production Designer 

Nina Jacobson


Peter Chiarelli


Robert Friedland

Executive Producer 

Sidney Kimmel

Executive Producer 

Tim Coddington

Executive Producer 

Vanja Cernjul


I was “thrilled” to see this movie publicized well… and get a LOT of positive buzz prior to it’s release.

The movie lived up to EVERY bit of the hype! It was an incredible experience… that filled my heart ♥️ with great JOY!!!

Just when I thought I had watched the most beautiful jewels, scenery… set designs food and fashions…. There was more! Everything just keep getting better… and more lavish! There is such attention to detail with every aspect in this movie! Kudos to all the people who made this project possible!!!! A huge round of APPLAUSE!

✨✨✨ 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 ✨✨

I knew I was going to support the film… but the PR campaign…made me look forward to going.

I’m glad a lot of other people also showed up in theaters… and continue coming in BIG numbers.. after “word of mouth” recommendations…

This tremendous show of support by Movie goers has made this movie #1 !!!! Yep! The crazy big bucks… are STILL ROLLING in from around the globe! 🌎

#Chaching! $$$💰 $$$$💰$$$$💰 $$$$💰

With the HUGE SUCCESS of other culturally diverse films… starring people of color like “Black Panther” —> “Girls Trip” —>

“Hidden Figures” —-> “Get Out” —> It sets well in my soul… that ALL people are finally embracing great movies… about people who come from different cultures… and walks of life… and more importantly… Hollywood

Studios are recognizing the fact that people will buy tickets… and this diverse films are a BIG DEAL! Hey! They’ve got to keep this good fortune going for minority cast… and give fans what they want! Not to mention… great roles for actors of color… who deserve to earn a living… and be recognized for their talent! There so many other great stories out there… and people of color who have the ideas.. and story treatments. I’m keeping HOPE ALIVE… that the studios will do MORE to recruit people who have been waiting for a shot! From writers.. and producers…to more EXECUTIVES and actors of color…

Yours truly has been waiting patiently for a major breakthrough… while writing ✍🏽 BLOGS like this one.. and maintains “SPARKLE -E!!” I’m proud to support those who have finally made it!!! Hooray for this film… and all the others featuring minority performers! 👍🏽👍🏽

The HUMAN EXPERIENCE is relatable to each and every one of us. When it gets down to it… we are really more alike than different.

We face similar challenges in life…and value the same wonderful experiences. Every deserves a bit of sweetness and goodness… because life can be rough! Going to a nice movie…is sometimes the closest people can get to a Happy Ending…

I appreciate being entertained, enlightened and educated from a different point of view… It’s always refreshing to be exposed to something NEW! That’s EXACTLY why… people need to be open and willing to just do it!!!

Your Spirit will be grateful!!! 🙏🙏🏽🙏🏼🙏🏻🙏🏾🙏🏻

~ Evette Dabney

Evette Dabney, Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Sparkle-“E” Entertainment & Promotions 💎

Evette is a native of Atlanta,🍑GA…and graduate of #CAU Clark Atlantauyy University… in the #AUC ( Atlanta University Center), and a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.,🔺🐘 Links Inc., 💚and Women in Film…🎬🎥

( just to name a few of her beloved connections! 😉

“Miss Dabney” has worked as a reporter/anchor 🎤in a number of television 📺 markets all across the country…

She is an EMMY nominated TV news talent, available to serve as a media technical advisor, and work free-lance.

Her contracted services include: copywriting, script writing, show hosting, announcer, 🎙(live events: fashion shows, hair shows, concerts, banquets, weddings,luncheons, talent shows.)

She’s a “spirited” LIVE announcer indeed… with a ~velvety voice! ~

Evette is READY to take on producing gigs, theatrical roles, 🎭 commercials, 🎬 industrials, radio talk show roles… and any other kind of voice-over work…. animation included… 😉

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