It’s a GEM in the royal crown 👑 of Anthologies! The Romanoff’s series now showing…on Amazon the Prime

Emmy-winning producer Matthew Weiner

of (“Mad Men”) fame…created the Romanoffs… which I say…is

a masterpiece of

“mini-movies.” Each episode is a rare GEM… in the royal 👑 crown.

You see… every installment of this dramatic series is different…

The stories grab your attention right away at the beginning… and leave you wanting MORE … at the end..

I immediately liked the idea of this series….. when I heard the name ((( ROMANOFFS)))

Quite frankly… As a history buff… who has been fascinated with the Romanov dynasty… I was looking forward to watching something different….

After watching 6 episodes …. I’m still anxious to see what’s NEXT…. You know… with so much going on in the world these days… It’s great to escape to a different place… and time.

I’m also one of those people who appreciates… having something great to look forward to…. Don’t you???

Before you jump into the new storylines… Let me cue you in.. on the TRUE story… that serves as the foundation for this series.

The Romanov family was the last imperial dynasty

to rule Russia.

They were high-ranking aristocrats in Russia during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The Romanovs

(historic spelling), first came to power in 1613.

Over the next three centuries, 18 Romanovs took the Russian throne, including Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Alexander I and Nicholas II.

Czar Nicholas II married Princess Alix of Hesse, a duchy in the German Empire in 1894, shortly after his coronation.

Alix, who would later take the name Alexandra Feodorovna, was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria… of the United Kingdom.

Nicholas and Alexandra had four daughters—Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia—and one son, Alexei.

During the Russian Revolution of 1917, Bolshevik revolutionaries toppled the monarchy, ending the Romanov dynasty.

Czar Nicholas II , Czarina Alexandra, their five children, and four attendants were

held captive & executed…

They were shot by firing squad and bayoneted to death by Bolshevik troops.

The tragic event has sparked interest for years… and of course the legendary tales of how the youngest daughter named “Anastasia” allegedly escaped into the woods… and disappeared…

The legend continued for nearly a century, inspiring numerous books and films.

Over the years, numerous theories and speculations swirled around…

Dozens of women came forward, claiming to be the Romanov princess.

Rumors claim Anastasia went on to lead a normal life… living quietly under the radar..

Historic accounts claim no one survived… but many.. until this very day.. hold on to the belief… that the young girl escaped…

The remains of the family were discovered in a mass grave in the Ural Mountains in 1991. DNA testing confirmed the identities of the Nicholas, Alexandra and three of their daughters.

The remains of Alexei and one of his sisters remained a mystery until 2007… when a second grave was discovered near the larger mass grave.

This grave contained the remains of two partially burned skeletons, which DNA testing showed to belong to the families only son… Alexei… and one of his sisters, likely Anastasia or Maria..

There are additional details, and stories…connected with this dynasty… that are chilling…mysterious… and intriguing.

This entire saga caught my attention… and I just wanted to learn all I could…

I’ve studied this history for years… along with other research on the Royal 👑 families of the world… Did you know most of them are relatives?! Some… very close cousins …

I’ve read as many books and articles … as I could find..

Not to mention visiting museums… and traveling exhibitions featuring the Romanov dynasty.

I’ve seen the famous jewels… and the Fabergé eggs… Check this out! 👇🏽

There were 50 “Imperial” eggs, 43 of which still exist. They were made for the Russian Tsars Alexander lll, and Nicholas ll … as Easter gifts for their wives and mothers.

The most expensive egg was the Winter Egg of 1913. That cost just under 25,000 rubles, or about $12,500, not that expensive compared to necklaces that Fabergé had sold to the imperial family in 1894…

The Romanov jewels.. are spectacular! I’ve seen some of them… with my own eyes!

Stories claim Czarina Alexandria has her girls to hide as many jewels as possible when they were held captive. Accounts say they were sewn inside clothes.. and pillowcases.

They were reportedly discovered… after the family was executed.

I’ve looked at as many historic photographs and footage in documentaries.. as possible.. each time learning some NEW details.

Again… I didn’t know what to expect from this show…I just had a feeling… it was gonna be GOOD!

( I like to get into new productions with an open mind.)

I sit down READY to be educated, enlightened inspired and entertained.

And of course… this latest streaming series…from Amazon prime video does not disappoint!

I must admit… I was extremely curious about how they were going to tie in this history.. with modern day situations.

The anthology tells stories of people who BELIEVE… that they are descendants of the Russian royal family.

Each episode is about an hour.. or close to an hour and a half..unfolding in different locations.. all around the world! 🌎 I find these episodes to be culturally enriching… with wonderful cinematography. On some of these episodes… you’ll feel like you’re sightseeing…

So far… eight episodes have been produced…. They’re coming out every week.

Filming takes place on three continents — with a new cast every time. All of the stories are complex… and come along with emotional issues… that make you pay attention. They make you care deeply about the main characters.

If you’re like me… you’ll make a quick connection with the characters… and care about what happens with them.

The actors featured appearing in the series are: Aaron Eckhart, Amanda Peet, Diane Lane, Kathryn Hahn, Noah Wyle, and “Mad Men” alumni Christina Hendricks and John Slattery.

Matthew Weiner writes and directs each episode of the Amazon original series…

He also serves as an Executive producers… along with Semi Chellas.

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