..And that’s a Wrap!🎬 Highlights from the 2019 Oscars! ⭐️ 🎥⭐️

For the first time… in 30 years, the Gallant “Knight” fondly called “Oscar” didn’t have a host to lead his grand Night.

But….the famous Golden statue, representing the HIGHEST achievements in film stood strong. Surrounded by a galaxy of stars…

Good ole’ “Oscar” was able to #ShineOn

Everything was just “rosey” when Oscar was “re-invented” with thousands of specially designed RED Flowers for the stage.


The show flowed steadily along… a few amusing moments… but otherwise very dignified and straight forward. The objective was to present awards… and that mission was accomplished..

The 91st Oscars was broadcast LIVE on ABC, SUNDAY FEBRUARY 24th, at the Dolby Theater…

in Hollywood. ⭐️ 

The most anticipated award show of the season.. was shown LIVE.. in more than 225 countries.

The band Queen featuring Adam Lambert opened Oscars 2019 with a medley of Queens GREATEST hits.

Let me share a few of my favorite moments from this star studded night..

Regina King won best supporting actress for her portrayal of a loving, supportive and strong mother in the film “If Beale Street Could Talk.”

This also happened to be King’s first Oscar nomination. She gave a very heartfelt acceptance…graciously acknowledging her own mother…

Mom, I love you so much,” Regina said to her mother…sitting in the audience. “Thank you for teaching me that God…always has been leaning in my direction…God is good all the time.”

Amen Regina! 🙏🏽
The crowd cracked up… when Melissa McCarthy came out in an over the top Queen get up… with LOTS rabbits 🐰 attached up and down a long train… 🐇 🐇  🐇 and every where else! ( LOL!) she even took things up a notch… with a finger puppet rabbit! A clear tribute to the film “The Favourite” which is cra-zy!!! I mean.. it’s just over the top! If you haven’t seen it.. go.. but be ready to go on a wild royal adventure!
Now that was a hilarious costume! She was joined onstage by Brian Tyree Henry… who also wore an over the top get up!

And speaking of Costumes…

Ruth E. Carter won best costume design for her unique creations for the mighty kingdom of “WAKANDA!

Carter also designed Costumes for (“Amistad,” “Malcolm X”) She thanked Spike Lee… for giving her… the first breakthrough Job. Ruth also acknowledged the people all around the world… who helped her create the amazing looks for the hit film.

This has been a long time coming,” Carter said in her acceptance speech.

“Marvel may have created the first black superhero, but through costume design, we turned him into an African king…

“It’s been my life’s honor to create costumes.” ~Ruth E. Carter

Ruth Carter makes history… becoming the first African-American winner in the Costume category.
Congratulations Ruth! 🎉
You’re a trend setter.. cut from the finest royal cloth! Congratulations Queen 👑 Designer! 

Hannah Beachler and Jay Hart won best production design for creating the powerful world of Wakanda in “Black Panther.”
Beachler also makes history… as the first African-American to grab the big honor.. and to EVER be nominated in this category. 

Keegan Michael Key… hit the scene to do his part of the show… Mary Poppins style! Wowza! What an entrance! He came down from the ceiling of the Dolby Theater… Umbrella open… feet properly positioned.. and everything! 😄
Oh my! This dude is hilarious!

Keegan introduced the Mary Poppins Returns Best Song nominee “The Place Where Lost Things Go,” This Song was performed by the DIVINE Miss “M” Bette Midler! She’s a legend!!!

…. and so is Barbara Streisand!!!

I was thrilled to see her appear to present an Award. The super star singer, actress and director praised Spike Lee’s work, and film BlackKlansman! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 🎥🙌🏼🙌🏼

It was a tremendous night… for the strong… but quiet film gaining national attention for MEXICO. 🇲🇽

Alfonso Cuarón won best cinematography for “Roma,” -and- best Director for the film… now showing on Netflix. 
Two oscars wins during this telecast… and two others before show.
This victory makes him the first director to win for shooting his own film. 

By the way…A total of NINE films from Mexico… were nominated for Academy Awards this year.

✨✨ Booom Shak-a-lacka!!! ✨✨

Spike Lee won best adapted screenplay for “BlacKkKlansman.”

 This is his first EVER Academy Award Win! Wooo-hoooo!!!! And one of the most EXCITING moments of the night!

🙌🏽🙌🏽♥️🙌🏽🙌🏽 The famous Director, educated at Morehouse College in Atlanta… was presented his Oscar from another Big time man of Morehouse College… Top Actor Samuel Jackson.

Jackson was super excited about the victory.. shouting “The House!!!” Which is a well known “Verbal Salute” to the historic black college for men.

I must also salute 👊🏽John David Washington… for his leading role in BlackKlansman…

Washington is also a distinguished graduate 🎓 of Morehouse College!!!

I have to give a shout out.. to my own Alma Mater.. Clark Atlanta University… (formerly known as Clark College) right across the way from Morehouse College.

The same school of Communications/ Broadcasting & Journalism… where I attended College …is where Spike Lee took his early film/ broadcast/ journalism classes… that jump started his career as a director!

In my Spike Lee voice:

🗣 #ShoNuff!

Oh! Spike Lee gave a bright & bold nod to the late singer/musician “Prince” wearing a purple suit and hat… and a necklace with the special symbol… attached to the late performer… and his brand. Also… the rings worn by the late actor Bill Nunn… ( also a Morehouse man!),known as “radio Raheem” …. in the movie

“Do the right thing….

Spike also rocked some GOLD Jordan’s… with Michael Jordan’s personal symbol on one show.. and Spikes “40 acres and a mule branding on the other.

During his acceptance speech… Lee urged people to “do the right thing” in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

“The 2020 presidential election is around the corner,” He said. “Let’s all mobilize, let’s all be on the right side of history. Make the moral choice between love vs hate. Let’s do the right thing. You know I had to get that in there.”

( For those of you… who may not get that reference… “Do the right thing… is the title of one of Spikes most popular films… and one of his first major films.

Rami Malek, who played Freddie Mercury, won best actor for “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Malek is the second actor of Arab descent nominated for an Oscar, following “Lawrence of Arabia” star Omar Sharif. Malek is the first to win this honor.
 I was deeply touched by his words, and extremely Happy to see him Win! The words of his acceptance speech were very moving.
And you know what? I learned something pretty cool about Rami… “He’s a TWIN !!!” Yep! Another brother from the same mother. A mother who was overcome with joy… seeing her son win.. the highest honors in the world of motion pictures/ Film. 🎥 🎞
During his moment in the spotlight… moments after winning… Rami said:

“I am the son of immigrants from Egypt, a first-generation American. And part of my story is being written right now. I could not be more grateful to each and every one of you, and everyone who believed in me for this moment. It’s something I will treasure for the rest of my life.”

Rami honored the legendary band Queen…and talked about Freddy Mercury’s amazing life story.

“The fact that I’m celebrating him and this story with you tonight is proof that we’re longing for stories like this,” Malek said.

🎼 🎶 Strike a cord! 🎹 Lady Gaga WINS!!! She was so excited!

Lady Gaga takes the top honor for Best Original Song… created for a re-make… of a popular… dramatic 
love ❤️story. 

GaGa won an Oscar for “Shallow,” the song from “A Star Is Born,” which also happened to be Gaga’s biggest acting opportunity… in her career so far..

During her acceptance speech, Lady Gaga thanked her sister, her parents and co-star Bradley Cooper, who performed the duet with her for the film.

There was quite an impressive group of singers, and musical performers showcasing 2019 Oscar nominated songs. 

They included Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, nominees Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, and special guest Bette Midler. Legendary group members of Queen… wowed the crowd… performing with Adam Lambert.

The Oscar stage was decorated in gold… and THOUSANDS of specially treated roses… flown in from Ecuador. It is a lengthy process to make them look so radiant and fresh!

Several Tall & small images of Oscars graced the stage!

Award presenters on center stage included: Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Tessa Thompson, Tyler Perry, Constance Wu, Javier Bardem, Angela Bassett, Chadwick Boseman, Danai Gurira, Michael B. Jordan, Serena Williams, Michael Keaton, Paul Rudd, and Michelle Yeoh.

Here is the complete list of 

Best Picture:

“Green Book”

Lead Actor:

Rami Malek, “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Lead Actress:

Olivia Colman, “The Favourite”

Supporting Actor:

Mahershala Ali, “Green Book”

Supporting Actress:
Regina King, “If Beale Street Could Talk”


Alfonso Cuarón, “Roma”

Animated Feature:

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” 

Animated Short:

“Bao,” Domee Shi

Adapted Screenplay:

“BlacKkKlansman,” Charlie Wachtel, David Rabinowitz, Kevin Willmott, Spike Lee

Original Screenplay:

“Green Book,” Nick Vallelonga, Brian 


“Roma,” Alfonso Cuarón

Best Documentary Feature:

“Free Solo,” Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi

Best Documentary Short Subject:

“Period. End of Sentence.,” Rayka Zehtabchi

Best Live Action Short Film: 
“Skin,” Guy Nattiv

Best Foreign Language Film:

“Roma” (Mexico), Alfonso Cuarón

Film Editing:

Bohemian Rhapsody,” John Ottman

Sound Editing:

“Bohemian Rhapsody,” John Warhurst and Nina Hartstone 

Sound Mixing:

“Bohemian Rhapsody”
Paul  Tim Cavagin, John Casali 

Production Design:

“Black Panther,” Hannah Beachler

Original Score

“Black Panther,” Ludwig Goransson

Original Song:

“Shallow” from “A Star Is Born” by Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando, Andrew Wyatt and Benjamin Rice

Makeup and Hair:


Greg Cannom, Kate Biscoe and Patricia Dehaney

Costume Design:

“Black Panther,” Ruth E. Carter

Visual Effects:

“First Man”

Overall… The 2019 Academy Awards…was a low key show… with major breakthroughs for performers, cast and crew members of color. 

Women captured 15 of the distinguished Honors.

👉🏽 There were a few surprises….

In the Best Actress category. Everybody figured Glenn Close would finally nab the honor.. after 7 nominations…..

But– the award went to Olivia Colman for her portrayal of Queen Anne in The Favourite.

She gave an incredible performance by the way… but like I said earlier that movie is WILD! Like Dangerous liaisons pumped up on steroids! (LOL!) 😄

The winner… Olivia Coleman was shocked and surprised, getting bombarded with lots of kisses from her husband, and co-Star Emma Stone.

I’m glad to see Greenbook take home Best Picture… and soooo happy to see Mahershala AliWIN his second Academy Award…

( Ironically… this was the only nominated film that I didn’t get to see… I heard GREAT reviews… but it was hard to catch in theaters! Geez!

but seriously though…deep in my soul… I REALLY wanted Black Panther to win BEST picture!


This production was so well done… ( It was Superb I’d say… )

🙌🏽🙌🏽🐾 👑🖤🙌🏽🙌🏽 It broke record numbers in box offices around the world… raking in a billion dollars..

(and still counting!!) 💵💵💵💵

Great story, phenomenal characters, costumes, songs, actions, customs, traditions & production designs…A rare film… where all the key people involved… were AFRICAN AMERICANS!

Top Quality all the way around….

You know what…I’ m going to insert a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE for Director Ryan Coogler,

and the entire cast & crew of Black Panther.. 🐾

( thunderous clapping—> 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽—> more applause…. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Come on’ now… CLAP !!!!

I wish this production continued success! I can’t wait to see what adventures in WAKANDA are coming up next…Fans can’t wait !!!

#WakandaForever 🙅🏽‍♀️

While a lot of different film titles were announced Oscar Sunday…Diversity was the TRUE winner…

(((when all was said and done.))

I’m so proud to see members of the Academy acknowledge GREAT work… from deserving people!  

ALL TYPES of talent.… from ALL walks of life!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽♥️🙌🏽🙌🏽 A true reflection of the real world… 🌎 and all the creative souls that make it go round..

Hooray for Hollywood!!!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🎥 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

But wait… ☝🏽there’s more…

Live with Kelly and Ryan” took over the Oscars stage… immediately following the show.

And so… most folks stopped through after Oscar Parties. People stayed up ALL NIGHT… to get more behind the scenes details… from Oscars 2019.

During the Oscars telecast, the first person winners saw after leaving the stage was Kelly Ripa.

She offered winners, and other celebrities tequila and candy!

It was really nice to see the fun exchanges, and heartfelt interviews… where Academy Award Winners got to Thank… and acknowledge other important people… they couldn’t recognize during the strictly timed acceptance speech.

Ryan Seacrest also gave us a peak inside his preparation days… before the Oscars.

👉🏽 please believe he’s got to learn a LOT to stay on his toes! Practice! Practice! Practice!

It truly takes a village to create his “perfect” image.. with everything from the right bow tie… and tuxedo… to proper lighting sound.. and camera angles.

After his “Oscar School preps” one of America’s favorite hosts knows everything about everybody!

Ryan and Kelly also have great chemistry together! It’s obvious everyday on the show… but even more… when they do pre-taped spoofs!

Their latest one was mimicking Lady Gaga.. and Bradley Cooper in “A star is born.” If you haven’t seen it… look for it online! #PureGenius! ✨😆✨

~Evette Dabney, Owner, Creative Director of Sparkle “E” Entertainment & Promotions.

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Sparkle-“E” is a relatively ~new~ #entertainment #lifestyle website building a STRONG following… from connections cultivated by Emmy nominated TV journalist Evette Dabney… a noted marketing and social influencer, Award Winning professional from TV News Reporting, Hosting, Voice-Over & Anchor jobs/print/ social media jobs/ connections. 
Evette Dabney ( SAG-AFTRA), is Available for Contracted jobs, Auditions and Meetings

Every consideration is appreciated to help an independently established…small African-American female… entertainment business.
Journalists, Bloggers and Entertainment personalities of color… also deserve to be recognized and SUPPORTED!!!

Many Thanks,

Evette Dabney

….and one

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Followers can HELP open doors!!!


I’m hustling out here… trying to create a little magic

EVETTE DABNEY is on the move!!!
#Wow! #ThereSheGoesAgain!

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