There’s a LOT to love ❤️ about the movie “Little”

Just thinking about this movie..🎥 makes me smile… 😊

I know you’re probably thinking 🤔……

Sooooo….What’s the BIG deal… about “Little?”

Well here’s the run down….

Jordan… also known as “the mean queen 👑

is played perfectly by (Regina Hall).

She is a hardcore business mogul… and super Diva Fashionista! 

To describe her as difficult to work with… is to say the least….

Y’all this chick is mean! A corporate BOSS/MEAN GIRL… at the highest degree. 💯‼️

She stresses her long-suffering assistant… (April), out to the max…

Issa Rae playing the role of “April” —brings something special to this part… There’s a sweetness… and genuine kindness in her personality.

“April” is an awkward… pleasant and well meaning employee… who just wants to do good in the world. 🌍 

Seems fair enough right⁉️
((( insert loud buzzer sound)))  🚨 

Time out…🙅🏽‍♀️  you know this 
“Diva Boss”  ain’t gonna let that happen. She’s not giving her ANY peace… or room to grow.
Jordan micro manages… and harasses her… and ALL her employees on a daily basis. 
Well… -FINALLY- she is taken down several notches… 
As a result, Jordan faces an unexpected threat to her personal life and career when she is magically transformed into a “little” girl. LOL! 😆
Yep! The 13 year old version of herself. 
played to the “hilt” by ( Marsai Martin)  

The days following the magic act… are hilarious! 

Watching Marsai Martin in action is a pleasure!

This young lady takes this role… adds color.. 💜💙💚🧡❤️


attitude… 💁🏽‍♀️ diva-tude

…. and a dash of black girl magic 🖤🎀🖤🎀🖤🎀🖤🎀🖤🎀🖤🎀🖤🎀

and 🏃🏿‍♀️ RUNS with it!

You hear 👂🏽 me ⁉️

This little diva did that!
and did I mention that she served as EXECUTIVE PRODUCER… Yessss she did.
This whole project is based on an idea SHE pitched. She has also earned an exclusive first look deal with universal pictures! Another historic power move… for a young actor. #Bam! 👊🏽
#YouGoMarsai !!!! #TheBestIsYetToCome!✨😄✨
Marsai… is known for her role as the moody twin sister…Diane Johnson in the ABC comedy series “Black-ish.”
Based on her popularity on that show… and the feedback I KNOW she’s gonna get from this role… Marsai ‘s star ⭐️ is going to SHINE even brighter.
I can’t wait to watch her grow… and evolve as an actress! 😃
The LITTLE Film is directed by
Tina Gordon Chism…
It’s refreshing and fun! A feel good movie for sure… with great one liners… funny scenes… and modern day accents. Oh! How did y’all like her smart home feature “Home Girl ???” Cute huh⁉️
It’s voiced… by none other than the delightful Tracee Ellis Ross.
Tracee also happens to play Marsai’s MOM on Blackish! #Yay for #girlpower! #Strong #Female #SupportSystems #FemaleEmpowermentRocks!
High five ✋🏽 to Tina Gordon Chism for her approach to this magical modern day fairy tale!Tina is a director….. and screenwriter. Her films include Peeples, ATL and Drumline.
Tina co-wrote the scripts to “Little” and “What Men Want.”
I think this is an empowering film for all little girls to see… with lots of teachable moments.
Big girls have a lot to take away too… and everyone is going to get some great laughs!
Don’t you love when there’s a happy ending… and characters grow.. and change for the better??? Friendship and Trust are definitely subjects deserving of a more positive approach. Round up your circle ⭕️ of friends… to share in some feel good moments!
We all deserve a “Littlehappiness in our hearts! ❤️
#DontMissThis! #Fierce! 🔥 #Fabulous! 💋 and #Fun! 🙌🏽
– Evette Dabney, Sparkle “E” Entertainment & Promotions
~Evette Dabney, Founder and Creative Director of Sparkle “E” Entertainment & Promotions 

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#KeepUp !!!! 😉

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